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Testing Tire Pressures

KarelGKarelG subscriber Posts: 4
edited April 2007 in Grab Bag
As I`ve said before, I`m just the Idea person.  If you like the idea, take it and run, but do me a favor;  hire employees, especially people who are unemployed, underemployed, or who only need to make a little extra cash.
Idea - a few months ago, after receiving endless emails from my employer about the company`s energy conservation programs, I responded and said "if we really want to make a dent on how much energy is used, hire a company to come out to our parking lot and test the tire pressures of the cars.  For every 1 lb loss of tire pressure, the car can lose something like 3 miles per gallon.  Plus keeping tire pressures correct prevents tire wear and damage, which prevents accidents".
I think this would be a reasonable easy business to create.  What it requires is convincing a company to either pay for the service for their employees or ask the employees to pay for the service.  You would need some spiffy Post-It notes to record the tire pressures (before refilling) to leave on the car window, a pressure gauge, and a portable air compressor.
Focus on big companies that have big parking lots filled with cars.  Prepare an email announcement and ask the company`s benefits coordinator if they will send it out to all employees.  If you can keep the cost per person low, then it is more likely that people will go for it.  For example, I would probably be willing to pay $5, OK, maybe $10 per month to have the tire pressue checked once a month.  So volume sales is important.  Focus on large companies that have many sites in closely located.
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