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Please offer any feedback about the design and/or idea of a blog being at the core of my site.Mac-SageThanks
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    Thanks Nikole, CampSteve.My clients do have a broad range of technical savvy. So, my posts also have that broad range. I`ve attempted to categorize posts to help folks, but maybe I need to re-visit my categories.The site is meant to support both my existing clients, as well as encourage new clients. I do have the "Consulting Services" button on the side panel, but perhaps that is not highlighted enough for folks to easily see.I`m a huge fan of opensource software and the community that surrounds it. This is why I approach the distribution of information, help, guides, etc. in the way that I do. The bulk of my consulting is at a higher, more sophisticated technical level. I`m happy to provide free information and help to folks who wish to raise their technical savvy.Thank you both for the feedback. SUN is a great community!-Patrick
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