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What`s in a name!?

abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
edited November 2007 in Marketing
I had a previous thread where someone mentioned that I needed to be very sure I didn`t try to be too "cute or clever" with my business name.  I have already decided on "ChewieDog".  My dog`s name is chewie, and he`s the one on my logo.  Anyhow, I`m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the name...And if you want to critique the logo while you`re at it that would be great too! (it can be found in my profile!)


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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I like the name and how it reflects a personal connection to you.  It`s also creates a great introduction to your business when someone asks questions like "What`s a ChewieDog?" or "Who`s ChewieDog?"  There may be a bit of a negative with the name conveying that dogs are always "chewing" things - but I still think it is fun and inviting.
    I really like the dog image in your logo - but not necessarily the type.  The "grungy" distressed fonts can be very hard for some people to read and don`t always reproduce well in smaller sizes or some applications (like embroidery on promotional clothing).  It might be helpful to keep the business name as it is and change the type of the tagline to a simple sans serif font to make it more legible (and reduce the amount of distressed type in the image).
    My friend Ilise Benun just wrote about her dog as a marketing tool in her blog The Marketing Mix.
    - J.
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    abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    My business is making designer pet beds (trendy beds made out of high end upholstery/design fabrics).Thanks for the tips Logo... I`ll mull it over with my wife (she`s my `design balance... I have some crazy ideas)And thanks for the link Loren.p.s. chewie is short for chewbacca (the dog makes chewbacca noises instead of howling)
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    LizardWisdomLizardWisdom subscriber Posts: 0
    Our business name is "2dizzylizards LLC". Now this has nothing to do with what we do, but it is a very memorable name.
    There is a lot to be said about naming your business something that makes it very easily identifiable as to what you do. Then again, you better be sure that is what your company is going to be doing from now until the end of time, or you will have to change your company name!
    Back to our name... It is amazing how many times we get comments about how people think it is a great name. Therefore, it is memorable, which is something that you should strive for in naming your business.
    Never once have we had someone comment about how the name has nothing to do with what the company does. So does it truly matter, as long as your name is memorable? Makes you wonder... After all, think of some of the big tech companies (Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon). Their names have nothing to do with what they are all about. They are just very memorable.LizardWisdom11/29/2007 7:05 PM
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    durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
    i love it. i`m a dog owner and i associate the word chew with dogs because...dogs chew. even if you don`t know it`s specifically beds, the name, for me, definitely made me think pet something. i know of a gourmet dog bone place called "chew"; you might want to do some research to either separate yourself OR maybe contact them. it never hurts to talk to others in your industry, even if they aren`t exactly beds.
    plus i think i`m partial to memorable names because my bag company is called "Durtbagz". people don`t forget it.
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    durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
    i almost forgot:
    we were written up in a Brandweek.com blog, (short takes). the title? "The Name Says It All".
    go with something clever, even if it doesn`t spell out `designer dog beds`. people will remember it and i think that is what the goal is. ever heard of Apple?
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