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graphic designer business plan

graphicdesigner1graphicdesigner1 subscriber Posts: 10
edited July 2012 in Business Planning
I am a freelance graphic designer. What would a graphic designer business plan include and why is it important ?


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    CateDSCateDS subscriber Posts: 0
    There are a couple of reasons a business plan are worthwhile.
    The obvious ones are that you need to show a bank if you want a loan that you have researched the opportunity adequately, or secondly to provide a direction for the growing of your business (assuming that you don't just want to be self employed, but you actually want to grow an entity that can run without you).
    The third reason that isn't so obvious is that researching and writing a business plan can really focus your thinking about what competition there is out there to your service and how are you going to differentiate your service from their's; and what type of customers you want, which influences marketing and advertising decisions.
    I found writing business plans really crystallises my thinking, makes sure I am not just *wishing* my way to a profitable business, but really supports or refines my thinking and ensures I know where I am aiming.
    HTH! let us know how you get on!
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