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Appointment Setting Company Question

deejayizdeejayiz subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2012 in Sales
I am interested in retaining the services of a B2B appointment setting company. I was wondering what people would choose , a pay-for-performance based call center. Or a tradional hourly rate center. I notice positives and negatives about both and I am looking for advice from people who have used either. Also does anyone know what the average price per appointment is? Thanks so much in advance.


  • sipmarketinggroupsipmarketinggroup subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    This is a great way of generating leads for yourself and your sales people. I have used both hourly and pay per lead. Both have good advantages but it really comes down to the overall quality of the center you are dealing with. Some centers sacrifice quality for quantity, and will charge per lead. While others have a hourly cost attached, but will provide top notch quality.
  • deejayizdeejayiz subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for the response. Is there anyone that you would suggest?  Either pay-per lead or hourly, or perhaps both? Thanks again for the help.
  • sipmarketinggroupsipmarketinggroup subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I have a few call centers I deal with personally for my projects...I`d be happy to pass on your information to them if you would like to email it to the address in my sig.
    or you can email me your addy and I can fwd. their emails on to you for you to reach out.
  • deejayizdeejayiz subscriber Posts: 1
    I am looking for 15 min. meetings with decision makers or owners of companies.I am not selling them anyhing and  have my own list of chamber of commerce members that are already familiar with my services. My last company, had a lower rate of securing the appt then I did when I did it myself.  I was thinking I was getting a real professional and someone that could improve my numbers.  WRONG.  All I got was a bunch of "send information" requests.
  • deejayizdeejayiz subscriber Posts: 1
    sipmarketing I have sent you a email. thanks for all your help.
  • rafelbillsrafelbills subscriber Posts: 0
    I will prefer to use the pay-for-performance because they are give you assurance that your money in not going to waste.
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