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iweb an inot for web designers

webmaster77webmaster77 subscriber Posts: 3
What was Apple thinking?? That was the question I asked myself when an
older friend of mine (a true progressive I tell yah; she has Parkinsons and
she is not slowing down at all) asked me to help her upload a website she
needed to promote her photography collection which she intended to
have on display at an upcoming art show in January. First of all, the idea
of using only Mac-created templates, that were so rigid in design that you
had no other options, is absolutely absurd. You have no choice but to
give up and realize that you just completely wasted your $79.99 (Hey,
Steve Jobs, the old lady wants her money back!!!) Who would have
thought, with the success of the iPod and iMac lines of products, that
iWeb would be so disappointing. One would have thought iWeb was
going to be Apple`s answer to Adobe`s golive and dreamweaver. But, with
no room for integration with other languages, no forms, no room for
personal creativity in terms of design (you have only Mac templates) and
strict server options (you need a .mac account to use iWeb and you can`t
easily store it on another server of your choice using ftp), iWeb is nothing
more than a waste of hard drive space. To try to figure out what
possessed Apple to distribute the product, I went to the Mac store in La
Jolla, CA. I asked one of the fine Mac store agents how exactly to get
around using the software and he told me that Apple is still
experimenting with iWeb and that better versions will come out later. At
which point i thought to myself, "Keep that s**t in your lab. until it has
some use to the general public." In conclusion, my personal verdict--
iWeb is definitely an iNot for web designers!!!    


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Webmaster77,I am not familiar with iweb, so I can`t really give you my opinion on it, but come on, between us two... Nothing can ever replace Dreamweaver Studio 8. As for Golive? I don`t know.... I wouldn`t bother with it. To me it seems like the Frontpage of Adobe. I have tried many tools to get the job done. I have even designed a whole web site using notepad.[I`m a coder] and I prefer to use the code view even when I work in Dreamweaver... Why you may ask? I like to be in control... I like to make sure my code is clean and most of the time I build websites by using Cascading Stylesheets and divisions. Not to big on Tables, unless Im going to make a form or something that needs to have some structure added to it. What posessed you to use iweb, I don`t know, but yeah get your money back. Go with something more user friendly..
  • postcarderpostcarder subscriber Posts: 1
    I guess I may be a heretic in the website design world, but here`s a confession: I`ve never been all that impressed with Dreamweaver. GoLive doesn`t exactly knock my socks off either.But for the fact that it seemed to default to <BIG LETTERS FOR THE TAGS>, I thought that HoTMetaL was a good editor. Alas, it seems to have faded away.The best thing I`ve found for Web Standards-based coding is TopStyle, but be forewarned: You`d best enjoy coding at the "raw code" level.
    postcarder2006-9-26 11:8:46
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    It seems to me that the problem that you where having with your <TAGS> was a simple adjustment in your preferences. Now as for HOMESITE, I love that program, few people use it but its results are remarkable. I use it more now since Dreamweaver 8 seems to have a bug when you use Coldfusion Validation tools. As much as I want to Develop a Full Site in Dreamweaver, Currently I am stepping away from it until they fix the bug. But I still rely on it to get most of the site up. As a matter a fact let me share with you a web site I am close to completing this was created using Flash Dreamweaver and Homesite. http://www.sunnysunglasses.com</A>Give me feed back please..
  • postcarderpostcarder subscriber Posts: 1
    Nice visuals, but the link type is too small for my aging eyes. It`s also not a good idea to put your link type in a graphic. Makes it too difficult for search engines to follow it.
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    iWeb is a glorified blogging/consumer tool and never was pushed as anything but, just like the iLife suite is.Sometimes, you can adapt iLife apps for pro use (iPhoto can be handy for things), but if you`re a serious video editor you need Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro, if you do serious graphic work you need Photoshop.  If you`re serious about web work, use Dreamweaver.I`m sure iWeb will get better - but it is and always will be designed for home use.  As part of the iLife suite though, a pretty good deal.  For that $79.99 you got iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, and iDVD.  So really, not so much of a ripoff.  You can`t expect too much from what amounts to a $16 program vs. a tool like Dreamweaver that is $299 (I`d recommend getting the whole studio suite for $999 though).As to SunnySunglasses - I like the simplicity, the colors are well-suited and match well.Bring those load times down..  I`m waiting forever for the catalog on a broadband connection.  Is there any way you can preload only a portion so I start using it and have the rest of the load work in the background?  It`s also a little odd in that when I click the preload bar, I get a pdf.A big thing about Flash usability is to enable the back button, you can do it with actionscript, especially if you`re going to have an all-flash site with lots of content.  You probably know the product links don`t work yet and open to another window.
    digitalvision3132006-9-26 13:17:44
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    No products are still in process. Those will feed off Coldfusion and MYSQL database. Thats for the input, on the preloaders, I`m still working on the flash and xml files. I will give you guys a heads up once I completed the whole web site. I know the font is hard to see, It was the customers idea to target the teen market.. Why? I guess they have their reasons...
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    They`re trying to copy other folks   Hey, teens love mySpace and it`s amongst the ugliest interfaces there are.All makes sense - XML is the way to go - Flash + XML is really flexible.Please know I only meant constructive criticism - you`re doing some good work!
  • webmaster77webmaster77 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks man. I love criticism of any kind.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I actually haven`t been fond of any .mac stuff. (online stuff) But I do use GoLive. I have been with that since before Adobe buying them out. But really. I am not much of a programmer, so maybe that`s why I don`t see the reason to switch to Dreamweaver.
  • blahgeetsablahgeetsa subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    First, I`m a Mac convert - just love the products and the like. Second, yes,
    folks don`t realize how limiting iWeb is. I use iWeb to host some family
    pics and host my podcast (for now).I`m working on a better solution for
    the podcast host, as I need to get better stats on downloads, etc.

    Living in Chicago, I`m at the Apple store every week taking a class or
    talking one on one to a ProCare person about how to do this or how to do
    that. It`s an amazing resource.

    As for Dreamweaver - I love it. I`m just trying to find the time to practice
    using it. One of my sites is in a handy dandy Typepad blog format and I`m
    trying to wean myself away from blogging and have a straight-up server
    of my own.

    Anyone use Podshow?
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