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Annoying Ecommerce websites!!!!!!

webmaster77webmaster77 subscriber Posts: 3
Hello blog viewer,

So I recently decided to diversify my web design portfolio by creating an
e-commerce solution that will be called
www.teesontheweb.com ; (Its my tshirt company that will launched soon).
I figured since my web design
skills have increased in stock since my last 2 posts that I go ahead and
tap into the ever-expanding goldmine of online retail.

I went online and started researching different online retail websites to
see what I was going to be up against only to find out how hard it was to
actually buy products from a majority of online retail stores, especially
some of the online giants. Too much flash, crazy navigational schemes
that made me scared i might be hallucinating from speed, meth or acid
(not that i indulge) , excessive and distracting graphics. In my opinion,
They all totally missed the point of what an online retail store is supposed
to be. In our increasingly impatient and fast paced society there is no
time for me to see what some flash happy designer can do with graphics.
I just want to buy my products in 2 or 3 clicks, have it shipped to me (if
possible for free) and get on with my day. If i wanted to see graphics
jumping at me i would go to Cedar Point amusement park in ohio and pay
10 bucks to get scared by animated characters.

I promise you my dear reader that when www.teesontheweb.com is done
it will
have the neccesary elements that give you a pleasant shopping
experience. I have listed below some of those elements that in my
opinion constitute a good ecommerce website.

1. An easy, straight to the point interface with navigational schemes that
wouldnt confuse you.

2. A user friendly website that wouldnt make you head for the exit button
after 10 seconds on my website.

3. A website that lays emphasis on the products that are on display and
not my ego as a designer.

4. Quick access to price comparisons, Concise information about the
product and Great quality service.

I guess we will have to wait and see if these goals for my online clothing
store can be truly achieved, in the meantime please flashy ecommerce
solution designers
leave your egos at the door because there is one fundamental rule to
consumerism, which is:   THE CUSTOMER IS KING
and you want satisfy the KING and not confuse him.

If you have any comments feel free to email me at info@folaolumofin.com
or just post them.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Fola Olumofinwebmaster772006-9-20 13:52:57


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    mikechongmikechong subscriber Posts: 2
    i agree with dadministrator on this one -> it`s such a hassle trying to shop online these days
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    loulou28loulou28 subscriber Posts: 0
    Yeh totally agree, but you could also lose a lot of custom having a bland website.. It could look like you dont really care about it. The more effort you put into the design and layout, the more presentable it will appear and more professional.
    You would walk past a shop in the high street with no window display and no real internal style because you would expect the content to be of lower quality and value. You are much more likely to enter and buy merchandise from a shop with a great display and layout even though it`s selling exactly the same content.
     This said, it still shouldnt be over the top. Flash is perhaps unneccessary. But design and creativity are essential.
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