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Truly Appreciating Every Associate and Distributor

Mark007Mark007 subscriber Posts: 3
I learned from great leaders that every member of a team needs to be appreciated. Some leaders only appreciate their star employees or players. During an interview, Jim Calhoun 2005 NCAA Basketball champion coach stressed that it was important to appreciate every member on his basketball team. During meetings, he committed to mentioning positive things that his reserves and starters accomplished. This is what he contributed to his team’s success.
I have met several leaders that give the impression that they only express true appreciation to their star employees. They figure that it is useless expressing true appreciation to their marginal or poor performers. They either fail to express sincere appreciation or express it significantly less than they express it to their star players. This often results in them failing to reach their potential. Great leaders who have great teams are committed to make every team member feel appreciated. A great leader becomes great when they can inspire their marginal players or employees to become great. I do understand that this is challenging for many leaders; I have struggled with this mindset as a former manager. I often had carried resentment against mediocre performers on my team. But I realize this is a critical attribute in maximizing my potential in any home-based business. Mark0074/26/2009 5:03 PM
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