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Looking for comment, assessment, and review

JbcowlandJbcowland subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
To be honest, I HATE the word critique. It makes me feel like I`m back in
college and there is RED pen marks all over my 6000 word essay that I
spent weeks on...

So, I am looking for enthusiastic people to review my website and let me
know what you think. But, please be honest - I want good points and bad

To give you some background, I am building a niche business. Because I
live in Florida and it is hot here just about 90% of the year, people drink A
LOT of water, especially bottled. I want to capture that market by offering
advertising direct on bottles of water. My web page is just a brochure
page and doesn`t say much. I`m working on more content. But the idea is
to capture and ask. I`ve got my email there and my phone number - is
that enough? Should I add an inquire form? Should I add a quote form?
I will be adding specs and a gallery soon, within the next few days. But is
this enough to get people wanting more and seeking it out?

Thanks so much!!!!!!

Might be a good idea if I listed the web address, huh?
http://www.aqua-ads.netJbcowland2007-4-19 16:56:46


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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Good job. You should definitely add an "inquire" page or registration form.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Viewing your site on IE7 with a cable connection.
    Design: Looks nice. The light blue for the links is too light. According to the blog template designer: PLEASE LEAVE IN THE  LINK BACK TO  DIAPHANEITY.COM) IF YOU DECIDE TO USE THIS SKIN, THANKS (from the html code). 
    The water bottle and text image on the left is a little pixelated because it has been stretched from its` original size of 179x275px to 238x366px.
    Concept: There are a lot of details of this conept that are missing that impact the decision to buy.  Certainly the cost, how and where the water is "handed out" (distributed), to a target market? through retail stores? The source / quality of the water.
    You might compare the price to other forms of advertising.
    If the consumers are to purchase the water...why would consumers buy this water rather than another brand?
     vwebworld2007-4-19 22:51:31
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    JbcowlandJbcowland subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Roland and CookieMonster for your feedback!

    Roland - I don`t know how many times I have edited the code and never
    even thought to remove the original information. It doesn`t even look like
    the original I started with. I am an old-skool web coder but honestly
    prefer CSS. But while I am working on the CSS and the graphics, I decided
    to through up what was easiest. Though easiest isn`t always best - I
    know I am having to rewrite a presentation I delivering in a few weeks
    because I was trying to go the easy route and then shoot from the hip the
    rest of the time! Wrong!

    I will re-edit the code so that it is mine, and fix the graphic. Thanks, by
    the way for telling me what browser you used. I am purely MAC and don`t
    touch anything MS - unless absolutely necessary, so I have to rely on my
    PC friends to tell me what is wrong. In a few months, I will have my
    updated site and will have to ask again, but for the time being I will make
    those adjustments and put more information up!

    Thanks again for your advice and comments!!Jbcowland2007-4-19 23:52:45
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