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Need internet marketing solution?

JuniorerJuniorer subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2008 in Marketing
I am new to the web and I want to promote my business on the net. I want an online store targetting e-customers as this is the place where most of the crowds land. Here, I need advice from you people so as to suggest me a good wed development team that can make a well designed site that can attract good traffic. Any type of suggestion is welcome.


  • dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    What type of product/service do you have? That will help me answer the question for you.
    But to give you an idea of how to answer there are basically three types of commerce sites on the web:

    Straight lead generation -- People know what they want they and they are looking for it. The website is simply designed to get you a lead for your business or get the customer to call you directly.-- you may give a way a report or a whitepaper, but it`s not always necessary. A good example is a plumber or a mover.

    Straight-forward e-commerce site: You have a product that your customer understands and wants to buy. This can be either a physical product or an elctronic download.Think Amazon, Walmart.com etc


    Educated sale: You have a more complicated physical product or service where you have to educate your client prior to them deciding to purchase from you. You will need to provide enough information for them to purchase this usually comes in the form of a free report/white paper or e-mail course that you ask them to supply their e-mail address and sometimes other contact information to receive. The goal here is to become the trusted advisor/friend educator. 
    Obviously there are hundreds of permuattions of each of the three categories, but that should at least help you narrow your thinking before I ask you more questions..
  • DiddyDiddy subscriber Posts: 0
    You can get many suggestions for such kind of work as there is a boon for this now. It`s very important to employ right kind of people to build your site as the appearance of your online store can make your traffic grow (also counting in the prospect that your products hold good value). My friend recently employed a internet marketing agency and they helped him to great deal in his work. It was altogether new for him too but they managed all the work in a professional way. He gave me their review and it sounded good to me so I would advice you the same.
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