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Another business name question

Juliaann108Juliaann108 subscriber Posts: 3
edited June 2008 in Business Planning
Hi everyone,
I`m brainstorming names for my virtual assistant business, and I`d really appreciate any feedback.  I plan to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs, specifically "mompreneurs" as I would love to help them with the challenges of maintaining a work/life balance while growing a business.  My niche will be writing/communication.  The front-runners are:
The Portable Personal Assistant (too cutesy?)
The Perfect Accessory for the Successful Entrepreneur
First Line Business Solutions
Just Write Virtual Assistants
Offsite Office Maven (my husband hates this one, so I`m curious to see what all of you think
I can`t seem to commit.  I`m absolutely open to suggestions.  Did you find naming your businesses challenging or what it a relatively easy process? 
Thanks for reading.


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    lenny45611lenny45611 subscriber Posts: 0
    I really like the first one, especially the word Portable, it`s proper~
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    JTR65JTR65 subscriber Posts: 4
    I like the twist on "Just Write Virtual Assistants" esp since this is your niche.
    "Write Now Virtual Assistants"
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    kkhhkkhh subscriber Posts: 1
     if you ask me your company name has maybe 10% to do with your business, yes it helps
    for your customers to know what your name is all about but it`s more about your products
    that will reach people, a good product will take you places, examples
    if you heard the name GOOGLE for the first time in your life you wouldn`t know what it is or what they sell right, or YAHOO, or MICROSOFT, you get the point right.
    my point is dont stress out to much about the name but at the same time do put SOME thought
    to it, like I said it is 10% of what your company is all about.
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