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Am I ready to market new site? Menopausemayhem.com

juliehewittjuliehewitt subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
I`ve been working on this site revamping, editing, etc. using your previous opinions and others.  Please check it out now and give me feedback!  Women, would you buy anything from here?  I`m happy with look, the content, but am concerned on sales(of course!).  Is it ready for advertising/marketing?  I intend to write a SENSATIONAL article on Menopause and send along with letter to appropriate sources.
Thanks for any info!
Julie Hewitt, owner  www.MenopauseMayhem.com


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    juliehewittjuliehewitt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Craig for your response.  In actuality, what you`ve described is what I intended, at least for the beginning of the launch.  There is still very little real information about menopause, and women (and men) continue to be uneducated on this life change.  Even doctors are known to be totally misleading and uneducated on menopause today.  My goal is to educate women and through this education they will hopefully be drawn to the remedies that are listed here, knowing that there are indeed ways to help them through this...instead of just `dealing` with it.  I`ve been very careful about linking each `symptom` or problem to a `cure` or products that may be helpful in touching on that subject.  We`ll see what happens... I know women spend more time thinking about things before buying them and there are several repeat customers...though no sales.  We`ll see what happens over the next couple of months and perhaps I will need to address it more closely then.  Thanks again!
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    texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2

    Hi Julie,
    As a prime candidate for your site, I really enjoyed browsing through it.  When I have a bit more time, I will revisit to check out some of the products you offer.  I think it is attractive and easy to find specific information,  Just my two cents worth!

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