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How do I prevent theft in the workplace?

tyketyke subscriber Posts: 3
Good day to the community!I constantly send materials and supplies to a designated employee, and usually check up on the staff`s progress through him by phone.Recently, I was informed that the designated employee was stealing some of the materials.First, how do I confirm the claim of my staffSecond, how do I prevent these things from happening again


  • theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Not sure if this helps you, but, this is a true and funny story.A couple my friends worked as custodians for a gym (run by a service organization). They noticed, after hiring a certain employee, that tools were turning up missing.You didn`t really need to call in CSI for this one.After a power saw disappeared, they grabbed the employee and showed him a stack--and I mean a stack--of wood that need to be cut to certain dimensions... with a lowly, elbow-greased-powered hand saw. He spent the rest of the day on the project. The next day, the employee turned up with--wonders of wonders--a saw of the exact make, model, and color as the one that was missing.Though, the employee was quick to point out that this one had his initials on it (and sure enough his initials were carved into the handle), so it couldn`t possibly be the missing one.My friends said no more tools disappeared after this.
    The Swaynester
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