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Low-carb food service

salkinsalkin subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2011 in Business Planning
Hi, I live in Northern Europe and my native language is not English. Some grammar errors may occur.I'm overweight and just ordered a book called "lose weight without starving" (my translation to English). This book contains information about low-carb diet and a lot of good low-carb food recipes. Almost everybody knows that diet pills and that kind of stuff don't work (but some people buy them anyway). Everybody knows that overweight can cause many health problems. By moving to healthy low-carb food you can lose weight permanently and feel better. Of course you have to also take exercise (e.g. jogging). I'm sure that low-carb food is the right way to lose weight healthy and permanently.In this book (and in many other books) are many healthy and tasty low-carb food recipes. But the problem is that many of them are quite time-consuming to cook and include a lot of ingredients. Also many of people don't like cooking and are busy and buy convenience food (microwave oven ready food) from local grocery store.My business idea is to start to cook this low-carb food and to sell this healthy food as convenience food. People can quickly warm up food in a microwave at home. People can buy many dishes at once and put them into freezer at home. I also have to have a few big freezers.I know this business idea is not new or something unique but I don't know any of that kind of low-carb food services in my country. Maybe in US there are a lot of them. I live in city which has population about 1 million and I think here could be a demand for this kind of service. What do you think?I'm an internet entrepreneur and have made quite lots of money from the internet for years and I'm not very interested in affiliate business anymore. But I like totally passive income anyway. This food service business would be something different.Salkin


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    percysandspercysands subscriber Posts: 0
    It depends on how things like maltitol are labelled and also fibre in American products.Catering high carb foods would be difficult if you're following a low
    carb plan.I understand you might have to "taste" something high carb
    before finalizing the dish to serve it.
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