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should i hire the consultant?

stallworthstallworth subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Protecting Your Ideas
hello all,
i`ll be brief; my business idea is in the education field so naturally, i discussed its feasibility with my friends` mother, who happens to be a veteran teacher. a couple of months after our initial meeting, i  drafted a plan and submitted it to her for some feedback. she now wants to be compensated for any future assistance given to me since she is now very busy. i understand her position but should i go ahead and pay for her expertise since i am not teacher and could really use her help or should i just continue to search for some mentor to help mefree of charge? thanks in advance


  • Scripto97Scripto97 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am no expert by any means but I would think if you are submitting plans and such for her to take time out of her normal schedule and look over for approval, I`d say once would be the favor and anything else other than an occasional question or two when you can`t seem to find the answers anywhere else, would start to be professional. So the two of you would need to discuss some kind of consulting arrangement. If she is in fact a friend maybe she would be willing to give you a discount.
    scripto972006-10-13 20:27:28
  • stallworthstallworth subscriber Posts: 1
    thanks for answering my post. the person in question, my friends mother, she and I have only met once regarding my seeking her counsel on this matter. however, i will need her input in the future since i am an outsider in the education field (i`m actually in tax accounting) and she has lots of connection in the education field here in chicago.
    as far as my definition of a mentor, from what i have read of other articles, a mentor is a person who has accomplished several times over, what i seek to begin. Their counsel and advice is usual free of charge (except for lunch and dinner) and based on a relationship, which the person in question and i do not have. that`s my definition.
    i will more than likely, pay for this persons time but will structure our meetings whereas i use that time as efficiently as possible.
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