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Help Us Name Our Buisness.

allvarsityallvarsity subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
Hello All;
My business partner and I would like some help in naming our agency. As of Jan. 1, 2007, we have become Independent Producers/General Agents in the Financial Services industry. Our main source of activity is spent helping families, small business owners, and executives plan and execute strategies to achieve financial goals and protect their assets from the "what-ifs" in life. In addition to the roles of Producers, we can now wholesale life insurance and annuity products to other Independent Producers "IP" (Insurance Agents/Investment Reps) or Independent Marketing Organizations "IMO" (Financial Service Agencies).
Some details, ideas, etc. that could be considered in your brainstorming:
 Our office is located in


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    MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4

    Futures Solutions
    Financial Opportunities
    Financial Services of Denver
    Certified Partners
    Certified Solutions
    Paystar Sources
    The Focus Group
    Freedom Financial
    Horizon Capital
    The Financial Team
    United Financial Group
    First Financial
    Financial Services International 
    247 Enterprises
    J.D. Financial
    Family Guide
    Pyramid Funding Co.
    Money Specialist
    Signature Services
    Unity Capital
    Optimum Valutec
    Smart Financial
    Hope this helps! Keep us posted on what you decide on.
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    MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4
    I thought of a few more:

    Alpha Financial Services
    Alpha Advise
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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I won`t throw stones at the suggestions on this page but many of the ideas are fairly generic. People don`t remember generic words or names. Guidelines:
    1. Shorter is better.
    2. Use letters only. Do not combine letters and numbers.
    3. Coined is better. [Microsoft]
    I recently helped a local tile mason name his business. Instead of using the initial generic ideas such as Tile Specialists, Inc., we spent an hour with the dictionary and came up with "Fling!" and "Splash!". The addition of the exclamation point elevates the word a bit above being totally generic. A coined name would have been better but coined names aren`t always possible. Fling!/Splash! are far more memorable than the names typically used by stone masons and tile contractors. Fling!/Splash! are a bit edgy and suggestive, but the idea is to suggest creativity and fun, which is how the business owner wants to position his products and services.
    Fling!      Marble, Tile, Granite.        For your kitchen or bathroom.
    Flip through the yellow pages, quickly, and you`ll notice stacks and stacks of generic names in all categories. Wait 24 hours and try to remember the names of even three of the businesses. Generic names have an awesome and ruinous power ... the power to help the market forget you exist. Avoid strings of meaningless words like "Certified Solutions". Gack. That`s awful junk and no one will remember. A great name is really, really important.
    Your current brand attributes are "focus, money, capital". I think these might be the wrong words. In your line of work, I think you want to suggest stability, longevity, protection. Right? Why not use "mountain", "granite", "reservoir", or "glacier" as a starting point. [Since you`re at the foot of the Rockies.] You could even do something memorable and fun like combining Glacier with Focus or Granite with Money. Permanence might be another good starting word.
    Hope this helps.CookieMonster2007-1-21 0:31:42
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    allvarsityallvarsity subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you all so much for your great ideas. I will share your insights with my partner and let you know what we come up with.
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    TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
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    YSDJYSDJ subscriber Posts: 1
    Please See BelowYSDJ2007-2-1 22:14:37
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    YSDJYSDJ subscriber Posts: 1
    PEAK Financial
    Two connotations apply:
    1). You are located at the base of some of America`s most beautiful mountains; shows that you take pride in your geographic location (and surrounding areas).
    2). PEAK denotes the height of (financial) heights.
    Consumers would remember the name PEAK Financial...if you get creative enough you can use the letters in PEAK to form a motto...eg: We are your Progressive Economical Advancement Kings (Knights).  Hope this helps...in any case it was fun...Thanks
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