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How do I market my Website ?

newStartupnewStartup subscriber Posts: 6
edited October 2012 in Public Relations
    I have recently started a website about Movie gossiping and Celebrity photos. The name of the website is www.flickdiary.com. Here are some of the key features of website :
 -- Free Flickdiary account 
 -- Custom Themes (for your own blog) 
 -- Latest Celebrity Gossip and Photos (photos are as new as today`s) 
 -- Links to your blog. 
 -- Box office Data
 -- Photo and video upload. 
 -- Movie and Concert tickets
 -- Music purchase
I am looking forward to promote the website and let people know about it. Can folks here provide me tips and tricks to do so ?
Looking forward to hear.
Best Wishes,


  • newStartupnewStartup subscriber Posts: 6
    To add,
       I am providing every service as FREE to users now.
  • vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    Hey New Start-up
    Congrats on your new site! Looks awesome!
    How do you promote your site?
    -- well, it is a blog -- You must be enlisted in some respected directories like Technorati, Blog Catalog, mybloglog etc -- all of these are trickling traffic but still works.
    -- Publish content ( rock solid, informative) content on a regular basis and see the traffic soaring.
    -- Leave comments on other blogs ( Especially on the very famous ones like tompeters.com, sethgodin.com...etc. However, just don`t leave a comment for the heck of it. Do it because you have something valuable to share or you might even want to prove something wrong.
    -- Try Yahoo Answers ( this works for me! ) -- Answer some questions on Yahoo! Answers and see traffic flowing in ( trickling again, but long term stuff)
    -- Forums and Directories are a great place to provide and receive valuable information from others just like you. Startupnation is a great example.
    Look around online -- you will find more ideas. In fact this site has loads of information. happy looking and all the very best.
  • newStartupnewStartup subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi vapourluck,
         Your comments were really encouraging. I appreciate your help.
    Infact, after reading your article I am thinking of starting a new section on my website that lists comments about my wesbite from users such as You. What do you think about it ?
  • vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4

    Hi vapourluck,     Your comments were really encouraging. I appreciate your help.  Infact, after reading your article I am thinking of starting a new section on my website that lists comments about my wesbite from users such as You. What do you think about it ?

    Hey, You are welcome. We are all here to help each other out.
    I think you have a very useful feature in blogs that simply lists all these comments. Sure, go ahead and do it. I will subscribe to your blog too.
  • newStartupnewStartup subscriber Posts: 6
    Awesome !!
       I will do that today and will pass you the link. In the meanwhile, you can register at my site and can start commenting on latest photos and gossip.
    Thanks again.
  • Congrats on your new site!
    In addition to everything that has already been suggested, try using a social networking site such as Facebook to encourage traffic.
    I`ve driven a lot of traffic to my site using LinkedIn. Since your target audience is very different from mine, you might want to try Facebook. While I`ve just started using Facebook and haven`t had much success, I know a few people who wouldn`t live without it. If you`re not using Facebook to promote your site, read my blog post about using Facebook for marketing.
    Best of luck!
  • newStartupnewStartup subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks Andrea,
       I will do the same. What are the other means you are using for marketing your website?
    I am very worried about how should I spread the word...
  • Besides LinkedIn and Facebook I`ve been posting to forums - this one and a couple of others that I`ve belonged to for a while. I`ve sent press releases and done live networking. I`ve also posted a lot of content on a regular basis that has been bringing me search engine traffic. I`ve also been posting comments on blogs with similar target markets ... although not as consistently as I would like.
    One method that has brought a lot of traffic to my site is offering free teleseminars on topics that my audience is interested in. I`ve interviewed "experts" in the field and then promoted the teleseminars on the social media sites. A couple of these have resulted in a real spike in traffic.
  • exgeekexgeek subscriber Posts: 1
    Why not try advertising on other celeb gossip blogs?  You can find ad space on them through adbrite, blogads and google adwords placement targeting.
  • keltawebagencykeltawebagency subscriber Posts: 0
    Promote your site in free advertising sites anf free classified sites
  • ThauxuaThauxua subscriber Posts: 0
    It is very possible to get a healthy amount of traffic to your website even when your main asset is time, not money. Whether you are a single parent, a small business with a limited budget, or you are just a dreamer, there are a surprising amount of things you can do to make your website soar.
  • vinny10vinny10 subscriber Posts: 0
    On internet there are so many advertising sites available which offers paid as well as free advertising for our project. Some websites offer classified and social media marketing services which will be useful for you to make proper website marketing.
  • lightingguylightingguy subscriber Posts: 0
    Very simple, have something that will draw people to the site. interesting content, informative helpful.
  • Head_ExposedHead_Exposed subscriber Posts: 0
    Congratulations on your new website! I think the best way to market it is be in constant communication with those who visit your site, those in your social networks, and those who have already purchased. These people are important in relaying the message about your site's updates and will definitely contribute a lot to your progress.
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