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A few green resources

RoughstockRoughstock subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Environmental
Hey all,I recently earned a certificate in sustainable business management, and I`m in the process of getting my communications studio certified as a green business by the city of San Francisco. Throughout this whole process (and during my many hours of research as a writer on sustainability issues), I have acquired quite a few resources worth sharing here:GreenBiz.comCo-op AmericaEcoIQSustainable IndustriesI`ll also just shamelessly plug my own blog called Small Failures: Sustainability for the Rest of Us, which focuses on day-to-day sustainability issues.Feel free to add your own resources!Thanks,Jess


  • GRAPHIXGRAPHIX subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks, Jess!
    I am right behind you -  I am learning how to green my business as well. I have not yet found a certification course where to don`t have to be enrolled full-time in school, but I`m working on  it. Some resources I know about are:
    Sustain Lane
    Zero Footprint
    Blackle (this is actually Google - at lower kilowatt usage!)
    Sustainable Group
    Sierra Club Mutual Funds (with no financial advise attached - consult with a professional!)
    There`s plenty more available, but maybe these will help!
  • thrgreendgagonthrgreendgagon subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, my name is Mike.
    I have been bangig my head aginst a brick wall for over fifteen years now trying to get someone who could produce my conceptof producing cheap, renewable, satainable and totally harmless to our inviorment! In the early 1970`s, the DOE funded a year long study to explore the feasability of using hydrogen, in internal combustion engines, as a replacement for gasoline and desile fuel.  It was a resounding success!  It exceeded the expectations of the researchers.  Their conclusion was that everything powered by any form of fossil fuel could be powered by hydrogen.  Their recommendation was to build nuck plants to produce electricity which could then produce hydrogen.  (We all know haw far that went!)Since then, using and modifing existing technoligy, I have developed a way to produce ALL of the hydrogen we will ever need from currently unused natural, continiouslly erplenishing resorces at very low cost. 
  • ethnicommethnicomm subscriber Posts: 1
    Mike - try contacting a college or university that has an industrial design department. I teach at the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning - the students and faculty are always looking for new design methods and materials.
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