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Online T-Shirt Business

splittersplitter subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2007 in Business Planning
I have an idea for a t-shirt niche that I want to pursure online, and am hoping for some insight.  There are obviously a number of things that will need to be addressed for this venture.  The main concern I have is the prodcuct itself, as I am very raw to the t-shirt/printing business.
What are my options with getting the shirts made/shipped?  I`m sure the more leg work I do, the more of a profit margin.  I would rather not have to buy a large inventory of shirts and then run them to a printer everytime I receive an order.  Are there companies that will print and ship the shirts as orders are placed?    I`m sure there are options I am not thinking about, so any advice is appreciated.
Thanks for any replies, I look forward to reading them.


  • KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    It isn`t clear to me exactly what it is that you will be doing. That is, why are customers going to bring their t-shirts to you? Surely there are already places in your community that will design and print t-shirts, and for those who are computer savvy there are online stores like Cafe Press.
    If you need to learn more about the t-shirt business in general, you might want to go and talk to your competitors to discover just what is involved in the business. And remember, the best way to learn about your competition is to work for them!
    Good luck!
  • splittersplitter subscriber Posts: 3
    I want to design shirts that cater to a certain niche and sell them online.  Getting them printed and shipped is my concern.  I would prefer to have them printed only after an order has been made.
  • splittersplitter subscriber Posts: 3
    Thx for the responses.  I guess I really want my own website and the opportunity to market it as my own.  I am not extremely familiar with cafe press/printfection, so I`m not sure if I can sell items through them from my own website.  One huge disadvantage that jumps out at me is that  your items are in direct competition with similar items on the sites in question.  In looking at both of those sites` prices for basic t-shirts, I can`t imagine there being much margin left over for me.
    It looks as if it is going to make the most sense to buy the shirts myself, have a local company print them, and ship them myself.  I am certainly open to hearing other options.  Thx again.
  • DBeaversDBeavers subscriber Posts: 0
    You could look for a Kaeser & Blair dealer, online or off.  K & B has great prices through a couple of national suppliers, who will print small to medium size orders.  You submit the artwork via email, and retain ownership of it.  Specials include 6, 12, or 24 piece orders.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Splitter,
    I have a great resource that i use for apparel printing and I also use them for other printing...I think you will like the pricing and professionalism. Here is the link: http://www.jakprints.com/apparel/
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