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Are you blogging for your business yet?



  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Not to discount the value of your service in any way smartsites, but I`ve been able to effectively do that with Wordpress on a number of sites as well.  Depending on which template you choose, it can be very efficient to use  Wordpress as a CMS, even if you don`t even have a blog in the classic sense.
  • truth2befreetruth2befree subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes Blogging is much a useful tools to market your business, and its a lot of fun, well i do blogging my business too and i blog to specific blogs with the ping you can easily blog to all blog site. if you are willing to know alot on this you can feel free to do click my signature below for further guide. have a nice blogging
  • smartsitessmartsites subscriber Posts: 5
    Yes wordpress has this ability and I think wordpress is a great opensource solution. However it`s still a bit on the techie side as far as ease of use is concerned. My goal with my solution was to build something that anyone could use with no learning curve. Also to build a platform in which adding modules was nothing more than add, drag and drop. Making cms is nothing more than setting permissions. Turning it into a social network is nothing more than allowing users to sign up then they get their own profile, blog, etc It`s very robust and flexible and I believe it to be a major player soon. Our main problem is we built everything now trying to scale it down and focus on certain niche markets like realtors.
  • MnJMnJ subscriber Posts: 0
    I have my company`s site as a blog too. We are hoping to establish ourselves in the consultation line. I tink its a useful tool to blog as it brings your clients and consumers closer to you. Our site is at mnjconsultants and we are pretty new i would say. Of cos i have another entrepreneur blog which i use it to spread the words of our firm too.
  • cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    I have a blog for one of my businesses and just recently learned about pinging it.  Be sure to ping your blog whether you host it yourself or somewhere else.
    I haven`t made the blog as much of a priority as I should.  My goal for this week is to work on articles and my blog(s) because so many people have told me that these are two of the greatest marketing tools at our disposal.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    What is pinging your site?
  • JPJP subscriber Posts: 1
    "Pinging" your blog is simply letting the RSS and blog specific search engines know you have new content on your blog. Pinging your new blog content allows instant indexing of your new content. With a normal website, you post new content and you wait for the search engine spiders to come in to crawl your site to index new content (which can take from 48-hours to a week or more to happen.)Best thing about pinging is that WordPress can take care of this automatically for you every time you publish new content live to the web. The update list provided here: Business Blog Optimization: Ping Update ListJP2007-1-15 23:20:21
  • JPJP subscriber Posts: 1
    OK, well developing a strategy for that would be good for at least a few hours of consulting time. Seriously though, it depends on your brand (meaning your persona, not corporate brand) and your target audience (and no, that`s not just "anyone" interested in short  sales or foreclosures.)Since this is a question related to Real Estate, you should check out this free New Media Marketing video coaching. But it IS also for anyone looking to learn what works and what doesn`t when it comes to blogging for your business. You`ll see what I mean when you watch the videos, especially of the winners.
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