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raising funds to start a business without a visa

josh000josh000 subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Startup Funding
Hello all,
I had some questions about raising money in the US. I am an australian, and have a brilliant business
plan developed, which I would like to show to VC`s. I wish to incorporate a
company based around my idea and run business from the US.
My problem is that the US has no visa for coming over to start a business like an entrepreneur visa, and that the possible visas, E2, E3 and L2 are not
suitable. I have almost no money so can not be an investor, and my
company is not already established and trading with the US for one year
to get an L2.
I really, really, would like to avoid having to have a partner if possible, and I am wondering if it is possible to show my business plan to VC firms or banks and receive funding in order to get an investor visa without it looking like employment, and with the firm or bank being secure that I will not just run of with funds.
Is there any way I could get investment capital to apply for an E2
without it looking like employment, or any way that a VC firm would
want to give it to me personally, as there is no way to ensure I would
just take of with it?
I wish to immigrate and get a visa for the purposes of setting up my
business and managing it, there is no visa for this, but I am wondering
if some kind of loophole is possible?
As a side question, I currently do not have any patents, and would like to know the risk in showing a business plan to banks or VC firms without patent protection, especially if they will not sign an NDA. What protection do I have as a non american citizen?
Many thanks for any replies


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