Can somebody get me some information about web hosting

JosephthomasJosephthomas subscriber Posts: 3
      I am working on the developement of a website using LAMP technology.I am trying to figure out the web hosting related cost and infrastructure .Can somebody shed some light on this.
I knw this is a very general question .With out knowing the traffic it will be difficult for you guys to say. I am working on something similar to Digg technology( i dont store videos,but will be a kind of link,but expects to get some user comments etc).If you ask me about the traffic, i dont knw.Its in a development stage( I expect it to get some good traffic down the line ,though not initially).
Which is best cost effective web hosting comany? What would be the expected cost ?Should i need to go for a dedicated hosting or shared hosting?What is minimum bandwidth ,memory i  need to have ?( Let us start with 1000-10000 hits on the website per day).
i dont have any investments as of now..! so i will look for a cheaper but faster one.please guide me
joseph thomasJosephthomas2007-4-2 22:52:40


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