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crbbjrjpcrbbjrjp subscriber Posts: 5
In looking at a few different options I am curious as to what would be best for a POS in a bar?  In this particular bar there will be 3 bars and a computer in the back room.  At the bars, is it best to go with three register POSs or three computers?  If three computers, what software?  It`d be nice to be able to network the three computers and be able to keep a tab for people that can be added to at any of the three bars, but is that the best option?  Or would making an Access Database be best?  Any advice, experiences, or whatever else appreciated! crbbjrjp2007-1-4 10:46:4


  • o2bfreeo2bfree subscriber Posts: 0
    We sell two different POS`s ... "CRE" by PC America and "Aldelo for Restaurants".    We can sell you the software or help you to do your planning, installation, configuration, networking, and everything else that goes with it.   If you are interested in having a demo CD of either, let me know and I`ll hook you up.
  • o2bfreeo2bfree subscriber Posts: 0
    I should add - an Access DB would be a mistake.    CRE is quick and easy to learn - Aldelo is more robust.   You can check out both of them online - www.pcamerica.com or www.aldelo.com.
  • crbbjrjpcrbbjrjp subscriber Posts: 5
    Great! Thanks! I`ll take a look on the website.  If there is a demo or anything else you can get me I`d appreciate it too.  I`m in the process of getting things together and am looking to make a decision in the near future as to whether or not I am going to purchase this location and reopen a bar that was closed a little over a year ago.   I filled out a quote questionaire but want to make sure that if I move forward with this I go through you! 
  • organichomeorganichome subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi o2bfree,
    I`m looking into both of those systems for my quick service cafe, which would you recommend and why?  Also, do you offer installation/training in metro New York?
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