Starting a Mobile Oil Change Service



  • PghOilPghOil subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    How has the mobile oil change market been? I am an AMSOIL dealer and I am thinking of jumping on board. So far I talked to a few people and almost everyone loves the idea. I already did one van and doing a Jeep soon. I only sell High end AMSOIL since 2008. I do well but I want to make a little more while I am still young. I think it will work out well but I want to see if some of the original posters are still following this forum. Is anyone still doing this from years ago?
  • SonicLubeSonicLube subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Hello everyone, I just started a mobile oil change business. I have everything registered and I'm ready to start only thing is I'm wondering where do I get oil from? If I buy it at retail, I have to up the charge just to make profit. Now I'm on the expensive side and I don't seem to get calls this way. Any help on this would be much appreciated

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