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    Sounds great, make sure to check us out at
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    I had a hard time finding an insurance carrier because the service is a new idea and I think they were wary of a van driving around with oil in the back. What I did was call the company who brought me my first barrel of oil and asked them who they got their insurance from. Once I contacted their insurance company, we had a policy in no time. Insurance on the van and equipment, garage insurance and 2 million in liability - all for about $2500.
    BobOdette6/2/2009 5:06 PM
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    I am sorry to hear that you have closed up. Your giudance was instrumental in the design and operation of my business. Thank you for everything.-Sean
    Melrics helped me with their startup guide. I bought a sage system and am now pounding the pavement for customers. This forum is awesome. I`m going to be a regular.
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    Thanks for the info.  I recently started my mobile oil change business in April.  Gaining momentum albeit slowly.  I started off with a trailer too cause it was cheaper and I already had a truck.  I am longing for the van.  I agree with the ease of parking and getting into areas.  Regarding new business, my question is how do you get past the gate keepers?  Getting to HR poses a problem cause of the gate keepers.  Additionally, in my area fleet vehicles are driven home by the employees so I often get a response of, "the vans are seldom here" (at the shop) to perform service on.  I would be willing to arrive very early to service them.  I have found that small fleets, 7 or less vehicles are easier to get in with.  Large companies seem to have used their size to negotiate prices and are in a contract with a shop and would like to stay with them.  So I continue to network, and pass out lots of flyers, and seek advice from
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    Goin to bid on a cat 950g loader
    What kind of pricing do you guys get for a loader (Cat 950g). Where do I find specs like what kind of filter, how much oil, grease points, etc...?
    Appreciate any help-yuccakev
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    This is what I found >> I am sure it is not much different than this.
    Usually I will give a base price for up to a set amount of oil and then adjust from there accordingly.
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    I switched to my van back in February and haven`t looked back. It is awesome. I was running into similar issues with the "gatekeepers" and found some worse realities once I got past them. I found it difficult to market while not "disturbing the business. Sounds like you have some smaller businesses around so I would try using what I call the "grassroots" method. It is the system that "Oilguy" professes and it is what I am working on. All I can say is that I wish I did this a year ago before my debts got so high. If you are full timing it than try to find out what price point you need to be at to do single oil changes, get some post cards made up and go door to door. I have found incredible benefits so far. I have some cash flow now, I am not waiting for the idea to "sink in" I am pushing the issue and as I get around I am getting known and getting a reputation. I am starting to run into people that I have attempted to contact in other ways, but know they are willing to give it a shot because I am talking to them face to face.
    Definitely look for "grassroots" on as this has been covered extensively there. So far I have been concentrating on small businesses and it is working great. Since I am willing to do "just one" everyone I meet is a potential customer, not just the owner. So I talk to whoever is in front.
    In short I no longer try to "get past" the gatekeepers, they are now my potential client and I treat them as such. Receptionist, assistants, clerks often are the true pulse of any business and are the most connected people there. If they like your service they will talk about it and build a demand for you.
    Hope this helps.
    shoemakersp6/11/2009 7:32 PM
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    Shoe is right >> Turn the gate keeper into a friend and customer... They will go to work for you! It may take a little while but when you schedule the next appointment and you tell them that you will make time if anyone else there need an oil change as well >> I have seen them email everyone in the company and end up getting you 2 or 3 more customers happily!! When that happens I write up their invoice and total it with a big "Thank You!" and give them the oil change for free! It is worth having an inside person willing to help you market you service...
    when you do that >> Don`t look at the "right Now" money >> If you get 3 customer >> that is going to equal 3-4 changes a year per customer Or $300 to $400 a year... Plus the referrals they can provide....  This service is infectious >>> People love to get spoiled and pampered... Be that person willing to do that!
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    hi im new here i ran across this form saw your rig i like it i been i been looking into something like that but have no luck finding one.  I was just wondering if you can point me to find one like that and how much did you spend on your setup well thanks for your time it would be great if you can help me out.
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    Hi, Im thinkink to start mob oil change busines (its in europe), I think it will be good.
    But please explain me what are you using to lift car up? its almoust nesesary if I wnt to change oil filter,, so if you chare some ideas it will be realy nice.
    P.S sorry, my english is not good but I hope you understand my:)
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    The problem with the sage system is that your ability to pump oil is limited to the pressure that your compressor can generate which is usually between 100 psi and at most 185 psi . the system relies the air pressure to displace the oil in the tank in order to dispense the same way that a aerosol can of hair spray works . The problem is that you are always going to dispense through a hose and usually a meter all of which generate line loss . One does not have to wait long before you figure out that most oils and products used for lube have a high viscosity or centipoise number . You can find spreadsheets that let you put the fluid you are pumping the size of the hose the centipoise of the fluid and distance you want to pump to find out how much pressure it takes to move your fluid . You will find in most cases it will be much more than a 180 psi at 65 deg f . That is why lube trucks will have ratio pumps for example graco sells a 1 to 1 diaphragm pump it will generate 1 psi of fluid pressure for every pound of air you put in it same as the aerosol set up. However they sell the 5 to 1 fireball for oil dispense that means you put 1 psi of air you get 5 psi of fluid pressure so if I put 180 psi in the pump will generate 900 psi of fluid pressure a big difference than the sage . That is why when you want to pump grease you need a 50 to 1 pump you put in 100 psi in and the pump will push the grease at 5000 psi a big difference. The thicker the fluid or oil the more pressure needed to move it . The outside temp will also send the viscosity numbers through the roof either making the fluid impossible to push or slow the flow down to a crawl. Water antifreeze diesel fuel do not require a lot of pressure because they have low centipoise numbers . Oil 10 wt 20 wt and 40 wt and gear lube and grease are going to require a lot of pressure to push it through the hoses. The colder the temp the more pressure you need the smaller the id hose or the longer the run even more pressure. For example if you drink coffee from mcdonalds with the coffee straw the thin fluid moves freely through the straw try to tank the same straw and try to drink a milk shake it does not work it requires a hell of a lot more pressure to move the thicker fluid. You may also not that the sage set up has no tank for grease or gear oil that's because the compressor can not generate enough pressure to move it with 200 psi. The other thing you may notice is that dispense hoses are usually 25 feet and are 3/4 inch or one inch you will never see 1/2 inch hoses because they can not overcome the line loss. Most garages you see have 1/2 inch hoses hanging from the ceiling that is because they use ratio pumps and they need the system to be reliable and consistant. We purchase all of our stationary tanks and our mobil lube trucks from a company not to many people are aware of they mostly are a custom tank maker for the major oil companies and they make lube set ups for john deere and general motors for jiffy lubes. They are out of Chicago and have both standard and custom set ups to suit your needs all my systems are designed based on my specific application and the fluids and delivery rates I need . the company name is WW Engineering I have talked to Claud on my last lube trucks and he was very good at setting up my mechanics trucks with some turn key systems that were tailored to my needs I have also worked with Tom on my stationary tanks for my shop . The phone is 773-376-9494
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    Hey there, anyone who still reads this topic (lol), it seems to have a really good page rank still on google so this site was easily found by my browsing for topics relating to mobile oil change. I must say, I have read, in-depth, in great detail, and in regard to content matter all forms of starting a business and mobile oil change, or just oil change in general.(way too many commas, I know).

    This has been one of the most informative (forums) in relation to having already found MOCOG a few months before this. I didn't know this is where it started and I got a few good laughs over it all.

    I really like everyones marketing ideas and different experiences shared with the marketing campaigns they took on and how much money was lost in fly by night mailers and schemes vs. word of mouth advertising and just business card drop-offs.

    I will say, I spent a GREAT deal of time, and effort, in putting together a 20-35 pg (depending on counting the appendices or not) business plan and marketing model with a huge detail in the industry analysis and competition analysis.

    I must say I have noticed a great deal of messages deleted from various boards throughout the net, including this very topic, where people removed the help they told others about etc. and I find that very disheartening when the whole point is to be helping eachother out. SO WITH THAT - I will gladly one on one SHARE FOR FREE my knowledge on creating business' in regards to mobile oil change and gladly lend a hand or look at various structures of my business plan, since Melrics etc. is charging for that it makes me WANT to share my hard work with others to keep the internet full of free information. I am a HUGE advocate for that. If you are doing business or opening within the next 2 years my information on the current and extended GDP for the us and various states will still be in effect and I will gladly share my resources and copies I have for free. I have about 6 months on my hands until my business is finally open where-in I will be openly marketing my business (upon advice from this forum!)and trying to help others establish their business so that others are not discouraged from such a great start-up idea for their hometown.
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    Hi, how many different oils should I carry? What kinds?
    Been curious on how to start up as I am one of those last minute people who will get turned down at every shop after I get off work. Sometimes I'm forced to pay more at the express oil change places the next day when they are open. Got me thinking why aren't there any mobile oil change services out there that work late and come to me? That would be awesome. Maybe my husband and I should start up such a business! I'm paying $40 to wait half an hour at the express shop! Lo and behold, I found this idea out there on the net. Actual businesses in place. Just none near me. And there is a lot I would need to learn about changing oil as there are so many different types of oil, filters, cars needs, etc. so info on the most used would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Curious on profit margins?? per oil change?? Walk away money after products. .. also, this post has been full with great info. Thank you guys for all valuable info just what I was looking for!!!!!
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    5w20 5w30 and 10w30 are still most popular I have used
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