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Distributorship opportunity- help!

jcoffmanjcoffman subscriber Posts: 2
OK, a product line that I carry only has 1 distributor, and 1 more signed up.
This is am emerging product that is highly marketable to an already large
and growing population. I have the opportunity to become a distributor for
them but I have no idea how to start. I`m looking for any advice, inspiration,
ideas etc that might help!


  • jcoffmanjcoffman subscriber Posts: 2
    Well, it`s Organic--which is the growing and already large market-- basically
    it`s a pesticide and fertilizer for plants. This company has a product line of
    about 10-15 different types for different situations, all are certified organic
    and completely safe. They only have 1 distributor (a big hort company with
    not so great service) and 1 more signed up to start at the first of the year. I
    believe in the product and the people behind it and think that it could be a
    very hot product.
  • jcoffmanjcoffman subscriber Posts: 2
    It is fully approved and documented. the science is solid, the certifications
    are in place. Only one supplier is operational, one more is signed up to start
    Jan 1. They have a new line available after Jan 1. the Dist. they already have
    is one of the biggest guns in the industry- so that`s a real testament to the
  • jcoffmanjcoffman subscriber Posts: 2
    Brian, the product line is for everyone! They do have concentrates and large
    drums available for growers and farmers, but the end-user is essentially at
    the retail level. I would be selling to retailers- a middleman between the
    manufacturer and the retailers.
  • jcoffmanjcoffman subscriber Posts: 2
    I own a nursery and sell plants mail-order through eBay (I`m a powerseller)
    and my own web site will be launching in the coming weeks. I do know
    plants and plant people--what they want--and I think they will want these

    As for traditional chemicals and such, I don`t have much experience as I
    don`t use them myself, too many scary ingredients and names and such.

    Shipping areciving I`ve got down, my eBay biz keeps me hopping with 200+
    orders going out the door each week, I have good negotiated rates from DHL
    because of it.
  • rtehcsrtehcs subscriber Posts: 0
    jcoffman,There is a great article in October issue of Inc. magazine,"The Coolest Little Start-Up in America." The company is called TerraCycle and they make plant food from worm poop and package it in reused bottles. Slightly different business model than what you will be doing but he got their product into Home Depot and Wal-Mart and would be a great resource if you can get in touch with Tom Szaky, the founder and CEO or someone else from the company. Go to inc.com and type or (cut n paste) The Coolest Little Start-Up in America, in the search.
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