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My pitch - online storage service

johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
edited March 2008 in Elevator Pitches
Do you have a laptop? Do you have confidential and sensitive data on your laptop? Ever worried about losing your laptop and compromise your business?
Do you work at office and at home? Do you find it difficult to keep data in sync on multiple computers?
Have you tried XDrive and found it slow and unreliable?
(Service name placeholder) is a private, secure, fast, and reliable online storage service. Similar to XDrive, it appears as a storage drive on your desktop so you can access it from any software. Unlike XDrive, it is secure, fast, and reliable. Nobody has access to your data except yourself.
(Service name placeholder) will be available from July 2008.
What do you guys think about this pitch?johnqh2008-3-27 23:26:1


  • st8icst8ic subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    First off, these storage service provider (SSP) companies were disproven even before the dot com bubble burst seven or eight years ago. Second, there`s about a million other services like this (like MSN`s skydrive) which are free and very well developed. And a billion that are for-profit and more established than you will ever be.
    It`s just not a feasible business model anymore.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    I address XDrive specifically because XDrive has lost 2/3 of their visitor count since AOL aquired XDrive due to reliability problems (a simple google search on "XDrive problems" will show you that), and I want to target those people. Others who has not tried XDrive may not even know why desktop integration with drive letter makes a big difference....
    And no, I am not looking for investors, so yes, this is a marketing pitch for customers.
    st8ic, you may think all online storages are the same, but please try XDrive and see if you would see a difference.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    You are absolutely right.
    I may mention XDrive for the purpose of bringing traffic from google when people search for alternative for XDrive, but it should be a seperate page.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    This turns out to be a good practice. The emphasis of the original "sales pitch" is all wrong, so people are focusing on the wrong things - "online storage" (which is nothing special) instead of "desktop integration" (the differentiator).
    So, let me try a different approach - again, it is still a sales pitch (even if I am looking for investors, the investor pitch won`t work if I cannot even get the sales pitch to work).
    Carrying your laptop everywhere? Work in the office and home? Worried about keeping your documents in sync and keep your confidential data safe?
    We provide a encrypted removable hard drive for your computer, except it residents on the internet. You can use it like a real hard drive - copy to and from it, open files directly in Office, edit, and save back to the drive. No more multiple copies on different computers, no more manual syncing, and no more awkward and slow web interface for uploading and downloading files.
    It is a private storage. Only you can access it. Even if you lose your laptop, your data is still safe.
    It only costs $10/month for 10GB of storage. Your data is worth more than that.
  • mrwealthmrwealth subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow Thats great, I`m a customer! I have been searching for something just like that, I have multiple computers for my business and its frustrating going from one to another constantly. I`m definitely interested in your service, please let me know when it comes available. 
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