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I have a software business which is pretty stable. Now I want to create a new line of software, which is completely seperate from my existing business, thus I want new brand and new identify.
To have new identify, I have three options.
1. DBA of myself as a solo.2. Incorporate a new company.3. DBA of my existing corporation.
I know how to do 1 and 2, but I am leaning toward 3. My question is, once I do a DBA of the existing corp, do I need new business license, new bank account etc with the DBA name?johnqh2007-9-22 11:13:13


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    To obtain a "D/B/A," in most states you simply need to register a fictitious name associated with your existing business.  Once you`ve done so, you can use your existing bank account with your existing business name if you wish, or you can bring in your fictitious name registration filing to the bank and have separate checks with your new D/B/A with your existing bank account.
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    Thanks. That`s what I thought. Just want to make sure.
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