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Targeting Small/Med Sized Advertisers

AlleyAlley subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Marketing
I have recently started working at AditAll, a start up video advertising company.  The company runs a website where businesses can create video ads cost effectively.  Historically, this has been a very expensive process.  However, the appeal of video ads comes from the much higher success rates than banner ads.  Over the last couple of years, business that advertisers gained from banners has declined. Click through rates have been declining for banner and keyword ads.  Industry beliefs are that the click through rate on video ads is 4-7 times higher!  There is a great need for this service. I’m trying to get the attention of businesses to let them know we have their solution.


Does anyone have innovative ways to approach this market?
Alley12/13/2007 5:19 PM


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    AlleyAlley subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks so much for such a quick and thorough response! You made a great suggestion: to look at the marketing plans of businesses that successfully target small/med sized businesses for ideas. Any suggestions of specific ones to look into would be much appreciated!!


    If I understand correctly, you’re saying that every business claims they carry a solution BUT smaller businesses are less likely to try them out because of the financial risk involved. I have two responses to that which will hopefully make my question clearer. First, one of the great things about our service is that ours average ads cost anywhere from $300-$700 (traditionally, the cost of creating a video ad can often exceed $50,000)… not $1,000. Secondly, the businesses we’re targeting (at this point) are those who are already doing some form of online advertising and looking to improve their ROI. To them, this is a win-win service. Video ads are more effective then banner ads and our service makes their cost almost the same.


    The question is: How do we reach those businesses?
    Alley12/13/2007 5:23 PM
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    DanielAuitoDanielAuito subscriber Posts: 0
    Offer to make 3 businesses a video for free, run their ads and calculate the returns resulting from those trials. Once you can prove a return you`ll have the ammunition and testimonials you need to effect future sales based on performance.
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