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Hey Everyone,We aren`t looking for funding, but I wanted to hear the community`s thoughts on our Solar LED line of products. We`re really trying to educate consumers and greenbuilders about the advances in solar technology and hopefully rid solar lighting of the stigma of well...being solar lighting.*key features - self contained (no excess wiring)- solar panel removed from view for aesthetics- no battery, uses supercapacitor technology- made in Japan- 10 year manufacturer`s warranty with 25+ year expected lifetimeThe units simply charge during the day and illuminate at dusk via a photosensor.Our latest feature was in treehugger which single handedly increased traffic dramatically! ... _years.phpActual site is www.solarcynergy.comWould love to hear your thoughts and I can send you a few youtube reviews if interested as well.Thanks in advance!


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    I would use it...but it seems to be awfully difficult to find the price. You don`t sell it on your site, and I don`t want to dig through the distributor`s site.
    Since it is self-contained with no wiring, why not sell it online?
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    Thx guys for the reply. We`ve decided to go through the manufacturer`s rep route first as we`re hoping to be specified in large architectural projects. However, our line is carried by a few high end etailers.There is a lot of technology within each unit and thus, the retail price point is higher than your traditional light (thus shocking a good majority of customers). However, we hope that as we educate the public and specify a few largescale projects, retail clients will see our solar LEDs as actually quite a good deal.As an example, carries a 6pack of the rsc100 line in the $800  range. We do also offer incentives to interested parties who are willing to share project images (before and after or lighting is added) for promotional use.I guess in a nutshell, mass online retail and big box retailers will come into play a bit later down the line.
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    I am using a product very similar to this right now. I love them. This is the direction we should go. GO SOLAR!
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