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pre launch hints

JohnalfJohnalf subscriber Posts: 4
edited April 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
I am about to get involved in the pre-launch of a new Network marketing company. Over the years I have been invoved with 3-4 MLm with success in only 1. Through my history with MLM I maintained a relationship with a great MLMer who is about to release a new product and he has offered me the opportunity to get key people involved. Any ideas on how to get hold of interested parties and leaders


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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    What is your product? Do you have a catalog? Start with home parties, craft shows, flea markets and/or surveys of the product. Invite the opportunity of the biz and the greatness of it. Pass out biz cards to everyone.
    Training people to motivate takes the right person and group..... a positive attitude and knowledgable person of the Comp Plan for each distributor. It is the conference calls or meetings that help spur people and keep their attention!
    The product has to be something to boast about. This gets them excited and gives you a wagon to sell from.
    If the biz has a little auto ship cost and the product can be sold for the cost of the auto ship, this is encouraging to the consultant or distributor. Providing a residual income off of the persons signed up under them has great attractiveness as well.
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