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 Hello to all:


I am curious if anyone would have advice for me. I am trying to become established in a new market. 


I offer accounting and bookkeeping services.  I am having a difficulty finding new clients.  I have been working on referrals and have a few clients, but need to grow.  Does anyone have any ideas for me in marketing my services to find new clients?


Thank you,





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    Hi John.
    After calling on your prospects as Winston2 suggested, send them personalized postcards through VerticalResponse.  It is very economical and will remind them about your services.  While you are at it, (and you can do this through VerticalResponse as well) you should also create an email newsletter campaign for your prospects and current clients, so ask them for their email address when you call on them and get their permission to send the email newsletter.
    You might do well to join a local BNI group. You can also do article marketing, online networking (kind of like you are doing now), etc.
    Also, start a referral reward program. I have found this to be extremely effective.  Let all of your clients and prospects know about it. In fact, since you already have some clients, I would make this a top priority if it sounds like something that you would like to do. 
    For example, I offer a $25 credit toward my client`s next invoice for each referral that results in new business (a minimum of 5 hours). It has become the single best marketing strategy for my business so far.
    RosannaTussey2/26/2008 6:07 PM
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