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Advice For A Creative Mind

 Hello to all at SUN-
Since becoming a member earlier this month, I`ve posted here searching for advise on a business idea. I have recieved some good help Thank you.
Now once again I`m searching out for help in the SUN community .
I am a creative-type person. My mind is constantly running and spewing out new ideas.The concepts I come up with are varied. They range from business/franchise ideas, products, reality tv, movies, media, internet, ect. My question to you  is this. Is there a need for pitching and developing ideas? Can one company pitch ideas in diffrerent or unrelated areas such as the ones I`ve listed? Am I better off finding a  career with a company that might do this? Or can I develop one myself? Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


  • TheJoeZoneTheJoeZone subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for your input. Creativity and imagination are truely the foundation of any succesfull endevour. Read "Think and Grow Rich` if you have`nt already  and put the plans of success into action. Stay positive and see you at the top!
  • iamaaronagassiiamaaronagassi subscriber Posts: 0 Member

    In "child-safe" terminology, then:


    I am frankly offended by such glad-handing and proselytizing: On FoolQuest.com one thing that might draw notice even in passing, aside from comprehensive resources on brainstorming and creativity techniques, is my ongoing effort to raise awareness of the extremely destructive dishonest unsympathetic antirational Power of Positive Thinking cult, and all the harm that it does. Asking strangers at the drop of a hat, to pray with you to your false god of forced enthusiasm is just presumptuous and inappropriate. Please don`t add such insult to so blithe a brush off.


    Perhaps the most famous brainstorming firm is Ideo and the model that many might yearn to emulate, if anyone here where serious about such a thing. Fat chance. And here`s my diagnosis as to why so:


    The oft repeated common promotional advice for online forums is to give value, but the value in question really boils down to the investment of attention, simple and sustained focus not just in posting initially, but follow up in conversation and ongoing research. Indeed, as I have expounded at some length on FoolQuest.com the attention economy is a literal and salient reality. So you can`t all be so afraid of spending more than three minutes in conversation before moving on to the next sales prospect! That`s not individuality, it’s just alienation and extremely short attention span.


    And that`s why you all can scarcely formulate any new coherent thought together, let alone an agenda towards collaborative new venture formation even after all this time. None of you are ready to step up! And that`s just unbusinesslike. The problem is endemic online, but actually somewhat worse on startupnation, despite the sheer volume of posts which tend only to connect to one another so tenuously and superficially as compared to just about every other message posting boards and forum. And mind you, the average is already somewhat halfhearted to begin with.  

    iamaaronagassi7/3/2009 11:43 AM
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