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Does anyone have any information regarding online data storage? 
Every morning when I start my computer up, I hear these
scary............noises coming from my hard drive and then I think of
all the time spent on researching and its stored in my little 
yellow files on my hard drive. I did purchase a Maxtor external hard
drive but I read an articles saying that may not be enough. Also
someone mentioned here that these hard drives also fail. I am
interested in knowing if anyone has used software to take an image of
their hard drive.  Appreciate any help on this topic,
Thanks so much and have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Its getting
really busy down here this weekend at the jersey shore....lots and lots
of tourists on the garden state parkway.....guess I`m staying home this
weekend !
Thanks so much for your help!



  • tomasztomasz subscriber Posts: 14
    In terms of online storage there are few things to consider;You have to make sure that the service that you choose is storing your data very securely. Second, that their a reputable company. Third, their up time is very good so that you can access your files anytime.Here are two that I have used before;www.xdrive.comwww.streamload.comHowever, you might want to stick with a piece of software that does the back-up for you.Software that does the back-up for you is something that I would recommend as it  only focuses on your data, which is more important than your settings and configuration environment (in my opinion).Here are a few that I like and they`re free.Google these:Cobian Back-up (my personal choice)Karen`s ReplicatorIf you prefer to take an image of your system, I would  (available in English, my personal choice)   
  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Thank you so much Tomasz and Vincent  !!
    You both gave me a lot of valuable information here. I just love this
    forum   Now at least I have a clue of what I should do real soon.
    I don`t feel so scared anymore. My CD burner that came with my
    computer doesnt take my discs. I called up Dell and they wanted to
    charge me since they said it is a software problem. I called up M.S.
    and they told me to call Dell cause they are responsible ause there
    is a problem with it. But at least I know more that I did this morning
    and for that I am grateful... 

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