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I just wanted to post a little thank you
about this fantastic website esp now with the new community beta site
here. Everyone is so helpful and very knowledgeable. Ever since I saw
you both on Qvc Decade of Discovery, I bought your book immediately and
started tuning in on Saturday nights to your radio show taking
notes.  This site is so helpful to me especially since I am trying
to start up a business on my own (and my first one too).  Now when
I have a question or need to look something up all I have to do is come
to  your site and get what I need.  Thank you so much again
Jeff and Rich!!!

jo in nj


  • theswaynestertheswaynester Posts: 15subscriber
    I second that.
    And I also want to thank all the people that post and throw in their two cents.
    I`m impressed with the knowledge and creativity on this board.
    What a resource!
  • RichRich Las Vegas, NVPosts: 636administrator Site Admin
    jo, clearly our mommy paid you for your nice words. bought out or totally heartfelt, we`re thrilled you`e here in the StartupNation community and that people like "thewaynester," who`s comment is above, make up. there are some amazing people involved in StartupNation today and we envision that group growing to a huge number of smart people who are taking their lives into their own hands and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN!
    life is short and StartupNation is a place for those who recognize that every day is precious and every person has the potential to do wonderful things.
    i hope we continue to grow the community into a bustling crossroads for people across the country. i believe we will, by the way, or i wouldn`t have ever thrown my blood, sweat and tears at this business in the first place.
    START IT UP!!!Rich2006-4-3 16:49:13
  • Good2BDaddyGood2BDaddy Posts: 1subscriber
    Dove Tailing.... I believe this is the best site for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Now that the we have the forum to generate our own networks and contacts.... we are empowered even more.  I myself can`t wait until I open up my firts business.  So in the mean time and between time... I will be calling on all of you out there for assistance and advice. 
    Thanks Again for a wonderful site
    Ron Mc (So. Cali) 
  • JeffJeff Posts: 1subscriber
    thanks for the kind words of`s late and I`m supposed to be kickin` it for tonight...but I`m so drawn in by all of these great comments and by all of the great content provided by the community....I can`t get enough!!!!!
    Keep it comin!
  • iouone2iouone2 Posts: 14subscriber
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