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Hey everybody, My question is about quotes and phrases, I`ve looked all over the web and can`t get a clear answer. Basically, I came up with a small art design with my own quote for application to T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumperstickers, you name it. Does this need to protected, How do I protect it, and once protected, how do I sell it? Clear advice from anyone who has done this would be madly appreciated!!! Thanks!


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    If you want the quote protected, you should get it trademarked. USPTO.gov (if you live in the US) is a great resource and can tell you how to get something trademarked.
    Once you have it trademarked, as far as I know, you are free to sell t-shirts, etc with the quote without worrying that someone will steal it.
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    Thanks, both replies are helpful. Now so far I have only the one idea, and if I were to start manufacturing these items myself, I would be under pressure to come up with new designs on a regular basis. So how do I sell the design itself to a manufacturer? Are there people out there that seek out new designs so they don`t have to come up with them by them selves? What are these things worth on the market?
    jodi7282/27/2009 3:51 PM
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    If you are trying to sell an idea..be it a design, patent, trademark...it could require a lot of cold calling to try to get the appropriate contact/company to hear you out and consider to take your idea on. They get a lot of these types of calls a day, so it can be very difficult to get noticed.
    Not saying you can`t do it, just trying to let you know what would be in store if you will try to license a company to sell your product and pay you royalties. 
    If you do end up getting a deal, it can be quite rewarding.
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