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what types of part-time businesses are out there?

darkstardarkstar subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2009 in Selecting a Business
   Hi all, I know this has been touched on many times in the past, but I haven`t seen a really comprehensive anser: I`m learning about different ways to start a part-time business to supplement my income, and I want to learn about all the different "types" of things that are out there.  I`ve done the network-marketing thing, spent a lot of time and money, and didn`t get very far, so I`d like to avoid that concept, or at least the traditional concept of it.  However, I DO want a lot of the benefits touted by network Marketing companies: part-time, LEVERAGED income (not trading time for $), etc. 
   It seems like affiliate marketing is a definite candidate, but I don`t have a website, so I`d have to come up with that first, but the characteristics of that type of business are what I`m looking for: automatic, not a ton of time required day-to-day, leverage, etc.
   What other money-making concepts or genres are out there that I might not even know about for people with a full-time job and a family that are not BS?  It`s impossible to filter through all the BS online, so you definitely need a place like SuN to cut to the chase!  Thanks all.  I look forward to your thoughts.


  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    it seems like you already have the option. yes you dont have a website today but what is stopping you from having one?  there is no free lunch and you will have to work at no matter what you pick.  in my experience, starting websites part time and growing them overtime has been the best decision ive made.  my websites are producing more money than i had ever imagined.
  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I think maybe considering learning Pay-Per-Click advertising is definitely a viable option. It may take a little bit to master, but if you stay persistent, you`ll get the ins and outs of it.
    I think this can be a very useful marketing tool because it really automates your marketing campaign for you, where you won`t have to do a lot of work in the long run. The Four Hour Workweek does a great job at describing using PPC advertising in conjunction with niche marketing and premium pricing in his "Income Autopilot" chapters. If you haven`t read the book, this section especially is a great read. MattThomas3/16/2009 3:44 PM
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