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Can You Prove You`re Not Greenwashing?

PremierPackagingPremierPackaging subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2009 in Environmental
There`s a lot of companies, big and small, claiming they have green products, and practices.
Understandably, consumers are skeptical of the sudden wave of green advertising. According to the Sustainable Futures study, nearly 64% of people viewed these messages as a marketing gimmick. Yet, despite this pessimism, they still want to spend their money with eco-conscious companies.
This tells me that despite the flooded market, there`s still room for authentic, eco-conscious companies to thrive.
My question for people starting, or who own a green focused company, what are you
doing to prove to customers that you really care about the environment?


  • CasiCasi subscriber Posts: 5
    In terms of "proof", every single one of our products has an ingredients page on the website. (Many "greenwashing" companies don`t.)  You don`t have to buy the product to read the label.  We also have a dedicated ingredients page that describes what each ingredient does.  Although not quite "proof", we have a mission statement and we write articles similar to the point of this thread.  
    Casi5/13/2009 5:51 PM
  • PremierPackagingPremierPackaging subscriber Posts: 2
     @CraigL Wow, 124 pages! I assume this report is for distributors/wholesalers of your flags? I think a regular consumer might be turned off by a report of that volume.
    @Casi I like what you`re doing on your website. More companies need to take a proactive approach in making people aware of, and teaching them how to spot greenwashing.
    Besides teaching, what other ways have the businesses on this forum involved customers in their green initiatives?
  • CasiCasi subscriber Posts: 5
    Just to continue the thought on packaging...   How many products have you seen encased in thick plastic shell that requires a utility knife to open?  Talk about over-kill.
  • PremierPackagingPremierPackaging subscriber Posts: 2
    @ beautifulpetunia We do carry zippit reclosable bags (http://cli.gs/14XWWX</a>) that are recyclable, however these are not made from recycled content or biodegradable materials like some of our other products.  
    I also agree with your silver lining theory. In the long run green might not be as powerful a way to set yourself apart as it is now, although I think the companies who solidy demonstrate their commitment now, will have an easier time maintaining that perception compared to those who jump on the bandwagon later.
    @Casi I also hate quarter inch plastic packaging, along with the zip ties that usually accompany it. I understand these companies are trying to prevent shoplifting, and keep the product intact but they have to strike a balance by also doing what is good for the environment.
    PremierPackaging5/19/2009 8:21 AM
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