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Ways To Fight Gum Disease

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We hear about gum disease frequently. Information to educate
us is widespread. We don`t think about it until we encounter the symptoms. The
fact is it is caused by bacteria that settles in your mouth and attacks the
After bacteria has settled for a while, it spreads to the
gum tissues that connect with the teeth, when it attacks, the know term for
this is periodontal disease. This is another stage gum
if untreated.
Over time the bacteria forms into plaque. It then attaches
itself to the teeth and continues thickening. To help fight off this thick
texture on your teeth you can take oral hygiene measures. Be sure to not only
brush in the mornings, brush every time you complete a meal. It is also a good
practice to use dental floss. Plaque can also be controlled by sticking to your
twice a year visits to your dentist. During your professional cleanings, the
plaque will be scaled off.
A healthy tip, that will help avoid the progressive phases,
is to practice good daily oral hygiene. This not only includes brushing and
flossing. Annual check ups with a professional, who examines your mouth and
performs cleanings is necessary. During cleanings, plaque is scraped away.
Without this procedure, plaque turns into a hard substance, fixing itself to
the teeth. This is referred to as tarter, and it is really hard to remove. You
can also make use of a Hydro Floss.
If you have tarter build up, you need to seek help of a
dentist. If you don`t, you will run the risk of further damage. The tissue will
begin to deteriorate causing the teeth to get lose and detach. Some folks will
use a home ozonator to
produce oxygenated mouthwash because it might have the effect of killing
If you`ve experienced these symptoms, it`s not too late.
Author: Scott W. recommends the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease
for more information on this topic. This
book can be found on any online book store or by ordering via ISBN: 978-0981485508.
Disclaimer: This article is
for information purposes. It does not intend to provide advice, diagnosis or
treatment. If you have or think you have an oral health problem, visit a
periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated
any statements about products in this article.
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