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Anyone doing online video advertising to promote thier business?

BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Marketing
I`ve been looking into online video advertising and have come across a couple of companies that seem interesting. Anyone have any experiences with jivox.com they can share?
Belmontdad12/2/2008 12:11 PM


  • BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1

    This is very help info. Thanks for sharing. I`m going to give jivox.com a try. They said the will do all the video production for no cost and can distribute it out to local media sites for as little at $250. That`s a perfect fit for us, since our budget is not too big. Thanks again.
  • ethanvnethanvn subscriber Posts: 1
    You may want to check out quabiz.com
  • BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1
    You may want to check out quabiz.com

    I checked it out... although I had never heard of it. The issues I have is that you have to know about quabiz.com to see my video. For us it`s critical being on sites that have a bunch of local traffic. That`s why we are really interested in Jivox.com. The can get our video on all the local media sites. Seems like that might be more of a benefit than being on a site local folks haven`t heard of. Do you know how people find out about quabiz? What is their traffic like? That kind of info is more important to us, than just thier ability to make and post a video.
  • BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1
    Well I am happy to report Jivox.com is as advertised. They put together a great video for my business and are showing the video on local media sites in my area. Total cost: $250. I couldn`t be happier. Best thing about it is that my ad is running on CBS, ABC and NBC tv station websites in my area. I can`t believe I`m able to be on those sites for so little money. I would recommend these guys for sure.
  • HypnowHypnow subscriber Posts: 2
    Is there a copy on your website?  Where can we see it?
  • BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1

    Hi Lizette,


    My wife and I own a wellness center out in California. I don`t have a copy of the video I can send out... it`s actually running on the local media sites in our area. You might be able to see it if you go to cbs5.com. I could also have my rep over at Jivox send you a copy of the video direct if you like. Feel free to send your contact info over to
    <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">

    . One of the practitioners in our office specializes in hypnotherapy and is also running an ad through Jivox. She`s been pretty happy with the results as well. Anyway, send me your contact info and I`ll have my rep send you out the video, etc.

  • BelmontdadBelmontdad subscriber Posts: 1
    Hope that`s helpful
    Belmontdad12/11/2008 5:37 PM
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    done it with great success - helps a lot if your product or service can be seen in its works visually.  video advertising may not be right for a product like a book but it is perfect if you are marketing your stand up comedian capabilities...
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