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Take Heed of the Dotted Line

conservativejimconservativejim subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Thought Leadership
Business owners please be carefull where you sign.I read over and over again in the WJS  how great folks and not so great folks sign contracts without reading them.Don`t get sweet talked into signing on the dotted line.It may cost you a financial fortune.
Please read and reread anything you sign.
This is developing into a major crime wave. People are being duped into signing their names on contracts they don`t understand.I base my statements on a feature article from the WSJ exposing this $1,000,000,000 fraud.  
There is a major investigation going on in Martinsville VA since last week exposing this serious problem. 
Federal and state authorities are investigating allegations of an elaborate mortgage fraud involving about 100 people living in or near this small factory town who say they unwittingly took out loans to buy houses at inflated prices in Indiana.
The borrowers, who include truck drivers, factory workers, a pastor and a hair stylist, say they were duped by acquaintances into signing stacks of documents and didn`t know they were applying for loans. Instead, they thought they were joining a risk-free "investment group."
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