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Honest Opinions Wanted

NoMoreDeductiblesdotcomNoMoreDeductiblesdotcom subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
We have a site up and running, and I`m looking for feedback.
Feedback on the site design, ease of use, and of the products we offer will be appreciated.
We have a very unique product offering, and before we spend a lot on PR and advertising, I would like some honest opinions.
Feel free to be brutal!


  • DwayneGarrettDwayneGarrett subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Jim,
    Great job on getting your site actually up and running.  If I were to offer you my honest opinion on your site it would be that it is too busy.  Is your goal to make sales, generate leads, or just offer content on deductibles.  It wasn`t clear to me in my first impression. 
    Maybe if I were a prospect it would make more sense to me, but even if i was, you had no way of knowing I visited your site.  Maybe a pop over will help you generate more leads.
    Anyhow, its just my opinion.  I don`t know what the goal you have in mind for your site, but kudos for getting it up and out there.
    To your success,
    Dwayne Garrett [[email protected]]

    DwayneGarrett2007-7-19 12:48:56
  • jennn721jennn721 subscriber Posts: 2
    I`m going to have to agree with some previous posters, your site is way too busy. First and foremost, your homepage needs to clearly and succinctly state what your company offers and why I should want it. I know you were trying to make your copy stand out by putting it in bold and in red, but instead it`s kind of intimidating and somewhat generic. Make things pop by adding some white space and eliminating unnecessary elements, such as the flashing welcome scroll bar thing at the top. It`s distracting. I might also suggest putting "Top Sellers", which is a good idea by the way, with all the other links at the top. "The Numbers", "The Impact", and "The Solution" all need to be condensed into one, short, paragraph. Most users don`t want to take the time to read all that. It requires too much work and may possibly cause them to give up and hop on over to your competitor`s website. I like how you clearly define each product on the left sidebar. That`s easy to understand and I know exactly where I`m going when I click on it. However, it does get kind of confusing with the extra links at the top of the page. I would use the "products" link to explain a little more about each of your products rather than just providing a long list of what people can already get to by clicking the side links. Phew, I hope that wasn`t too brutal. You have a fairly content heavy site, so remember organization is key. I highly recommend this book. It`s an easy read and very useful! http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Make-Me-Thin ... /dp/032134 4758
  • LydianyLydiany subscriber Posts: 1
    I noticed your logo still has the background attached to it. If you open it in
    photoshop, delete the background and then save it as a .png file, the
    background will be gone.

    If you need any help let me know, I do graphic design.
  • hydrazihydrazi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey,I do not have a hard time being brutal.  Your site looks like a scam, written like a used car salesman ad from the 70`s, and looks more than amateur.  Just bad design. (By the way, that porn movies with nurses like just about knocked me over...)But... you can fix it.  Write it like you weren`t doing an infommercial.  Get a logo, like many have said.  The one there could be salvaged, but it`s not ideal.  You might even want to scrap this site and move to a blog-style site.  Use Wordpress.  Your color scheme is just not helping you either.  Go with something bolder but professional.  Blue is good.  Sky blue (what you have) is for 1970`s cadillacs (am I stuck on the 70`s?).I think there is some excellent advice  to be  had above.  I wish you well!
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