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Using Google’s AdWords

jimnewman75jimnewman75 subscriber Posts: 8
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Has anyone used Google AdWords before?  I just set up an account and was wondering if anyone has any experience or stories they can share ... I`m wary of the click-thru issues whereby unscrupulous marketers click on your links to use up your budget ... but does anyone have any success stories from using this service?We would greatly appreciate any feedback as we`re starting to implement our marketing plan now ... and online advertising was one path we selected ...


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    jimnewman75jimnewman75 subscriber Posts: 8
    Cartess & Nikole -- thank you for the feedback!!Cartess -- absolutely correct -- if the website is a mess without clear navigation, then ads leading to the site will be pointless.  I`m hoping our website is clean and to-the-point.  I think we`re at a good stopping point with it, otherwise, I`ll have paralysis from (over)analysis.  But I intend on revisiting the site after we can get more reviews on it ... Nikole -- all excellent ideas -- in fact, we had decided to use Craiglist since I`ve had success with it on a personal level (selling used items).  Community newsletter -- good idea -- I like it!!  And we have the party supply vendors nailed down (on our homepage, we have two already: Party Land and Party Seekers).  
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    mynameisrod2mynameisrod2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I used Adwords in the past with great success in generating leads.
    However my business was not restricted to local customers. I agree with
    nhgnikole that your ads will need to be highly targeted.

    Have you considered optimizing your website so that people searching
    for your information on the services you provide can find your site? I
    have been reading a lot about RSS feeds and the ability they have to help
    build web traffic. Just type RSS into any serch engine and you`ll get a lot
    of information.

    I`ve also started a website to help business learn how to use internet
    marketing to grow their business. I just went live last night but you
    might find some info that may be useful. The url is

    Wish you much success! /pages/community/smileys/smiley17.gif
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    jimnewman75jimnewman75 subscriber Posts: 8
    I`ll have to research RSS -- new concept for me!  haha  Thank you!!  And I`ll check out your website, too.
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