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Fiscal Sponsors

brolottobrolotto subscriber Posts: 1
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First of all, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I have been trying to read up before I asked questions, but I feel like it is time. 
My name is Josh and I am part of two separate projects that depending on how they go will dictate how much further I will be asking of assistance.   But for the time being, I am part of a brand new project that is going to be based on a billboard campaign that we are putting up in December in Los Angeles (I can explain more later). 
After lengthy talks with our management team, we have come to the conclusion that running a non-profit would be the best way to do what we want to do.  We are a health group that are aiming to educate people on the Assessment of their eating issues.  With 98% of diets failing, we feel that people are not addressing why they are overeating, but rather falling into the same problems over and over.  That may be because of emotional eating, habits from family members, etc.  So, we have come up with some tools that we feel will really help and we are going to have a billboard (already contracted) that is going to go up in December.
All that to say...with the limited time frame and the limited resources, we were directed to a group of people called fiscal sponsors.  Below I will list the ones we have either talked to or sent an application in for, but I am looking to see if anyone else knows of any other fiscal sponsors that may want to sponsor our cause.
Fiscal Sponsorshttp://www.globalvision.org/</A>We have either sent in an application or talked to each of these groups and only two work for us....We do not want to tie our hands and not have any other options, so I am trying to research this subject more.
Does anyone know any other fiscal sponsors that we can talk to?   Thank you for your time and thanks for such a great forum setting.


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    brolottobrolotto subscriber Posts: 1
    Just an update here.  We actually have gotten word that Global Vision will be our fiscal sponsor.  They will be the umbrella for tax exemption and is a great way for new non-profits to go if you do not have the funding or time to set up your own Non-Profit.Global vision is a little different than other sponsors where they just take 5% of all donations, but do not do a lot on the administrative side.  There are other groups that will take care of all the paperwork, administrative tasks, etc.  The only downside is they can take up to 10% of all donations.Either way, this is a real positive for our group and we look forward to helping any others out that are looking for fiscal sponsorship solutions.
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