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$5,000 to start an online biz with...

Joe3001Joe3001 subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Selecting a Business
I`m brand new to the site, brand new to the online business arena, and ready to throw all my time effort and money into it headlong.  I`m ready to give it everything I`ve got...but I don`t know what it is exactly I`m ready to give all I have to.  I have a job where I make take home about $1,500 a month.  I work my butt off overnight 40 hours a week.  They like me, and I have a future with this company, of that I am confident.  Someday, six or seven years down the road, maybe I`ll make manager and pull $30k a year full time overnights.  This is acceptable.  This is not ideal.  This is not wanted.  I`m 29, married, three kids.  Is it possible to put a plan together for an online business where I could make as much as I am now working for someone else within...say... 6 months?  Is it possible for me to realistically, with $5k invested make $1,500 a month take home after 6 months?  Have any of you? 
Sorry for the ridiculously long introduction post everyone.  Looking for advice and really looking for help and someone to tell me if I`m way off base or not.  Any help appreciated.  Either way I`m moving forward with something.   Thank you in advance for any replies, all words taken well!   Joe3001
Joe30019/24/2008 4:12 PM


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    RossbodenRossboden subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, there is a huge earning than you have before from home based business online where there are many opportunities awaiting for you online.
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    Joe3001Joe3001 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the responses.  I`m thinking about investing most of what I have into a product wholesale and then reselling it for profit.  Which product to do this with is where I`m getting hung up at.  I realize going with something I`m interested in or know something about already is a good suggestion, but the truth is that I don`t care what the product is as long as I can buy it low and sell it high...and be reasonably sure that I`ll be able to sell it quickly.  The amount of money I`m talking about isn`t a ton, I know, but it`s enough to get started, I think.  I believe I stand better odds of making more money if I invest in the products instead of dropshipping.  I run into other issues obviously, such as holding inventory and if no one buys my stuff then I`m stuck with 100 widgets...but if I make sure what I`m selling is something that`s already being bought...I should be able to minimize my risk, right?  I don`t think small items are what I should be looking at.  Like I don`t want to buy 10,000 pens and make a little change off each one.  A larger item that would return at least $50 bucks per item sold would be decent enough.  Again:  which product!  Argh! 
    Rambling post.  Sorry.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    depends on how quickly you are looking to turn profits.  can you afford to build a business over time and not make money from it initially? if so you dont need to spend much if anything at all. consider doing an online business.  many people are making reasonable money on the side and even full time from web ventures.  affiliates, referrals, adsense, vendor ads, paid online surveys and eproducts are some of the ways i make money.  i spent under $200 total putting up my websites which are now attracting significant enough traffic to earn me a good 5k every month. i have done all that while maintaining a full time corporate job that pays me 6 figure salary.  i dont mean to brag i simply want to express that this can be done despite a demanding job on the side. the rewards are amazing in the long run. my checks keep coming long after i am done putting in as hard of an effort.  do visit my websites below to get an idea for what i am doing.
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