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Backup and data storage for small business

schoenleschoenle subscriber Posts: 1
I`ve been in the information technology business for more than 15 years, providing data management services for mid-size to large corporations. My question to everyone is....do you think there`s a need to help small businesses with backup and recovery, security of data, or disaster recovery?


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    mbongembonge subscriber Posts: 0
    As a small business owner big enough to be totally reliant on the integrity of my data yet too small for an IT department I would be interested in this type of service.  There are technology issues as well.  We are very diligent in the use of our current backup but we are outgrowing this DDS style tape system. 
    We could purchase upgraded hardware but the prices I see are not attractive.  If they are the only option than my data is valuable enough that I will invest the $.  We have also considered online services but these seem to run about $250 per month.  This makes the hardware purchase seem worthwhile, but certainly doesn`t releive the headache of supporting the hardware and the inevitable upgrades/patches/hot fixes/etc.
    Hopefully this has answered some of your questions directly.  Bottom line, as an IT novice, I am not comfortable with the options that I have discovered to this point.  I have also found very few resources interested in helping.  This tells me that there may well be a larger market need.
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    SunnyDaysSunnyDays subscriber Posts: 0
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    TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    Just a friendly warning about Mozy.com and Carbonite ...
    They reserve the right to SPAM you if you sign up for their service.  If you blacklist the SPAM from them, you will lose access to your data.
    You get what you pay for ...
    Remember, read the fine print!  TheBackupMan2007-6-21 8:39:57
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    TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    It sounds like you aren`t looking for a backup system, but a storage system for your projects.
    Have you looked into any of the NAS devices that are out there?  You can get 1 terrabyte (1000 gigabytes) for about $350.
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    TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    Craig -
    The devil is in the details.  It is all there in the fine print.
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    JPaikosJPaikos subscriber Posts: 0
    I am part owner in a small business and our biggest concern with back up`s is getting them off site daily. We have a 20 gig or so database and five separate home folder stored on a single hard drive on a server. The home folders contain every thing from e-mail to product pictures to word docs, so I`m looking at close to 40 gigs.. Backing them up to a separate drive and taking them home is not an option because I would never get home before 10pm. The reason we want them off site is because of theft. We have been broken into twice in two years.Now the kicker is we run a Mac network (OS X server w/ mini`s as workstations), so my software options are narrow. We don`t have a lot of money to pay out monthly for on-line storage. So what do I do? I have set up an FTP server at my home, but back up`s are not usually successful.
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    SuneditwriteSuneditwrite subscriber Posts: 1
    Has anyone looked at IIC Internet Online Storage Solutions for backup?http://www.onlinestoragesolution.com/Jill 
    Jill RonsleySUN Editing & Book Designwww.suneditwrite.com
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    boybawangboybawang subscriber Posts: 0
    Preferably backing up data or storage is a great option to take . It is wiser and gives you security over data and this has also constitutes on wider range that storage instantly needs backup system.
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member

    For cloud storage, you can choose a list of providers like Azure, Aws, Google etc which comes bundled with the software.

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