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Please review my site and I would appreciate any contructive criticism. 
I am trying to take my product out of the christian aspect and bring it into generalization of the public.  My product offers 4 advertising venues as well as a great way to do joint venture and or partner advertising on one product; that is loved by all.


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    No this is not suppose to happen. Thanks and I will contact the site administrator
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    Dear Craig Thanks for your mentorship. 
    How does (or did) custom bears have anything to do with a "christian aspect?"
    These custom bears have spiritual quotes all ready embedded on the back.
    God Bless Dad Bear
    Honor your father and mother--which is the first commandment with a promise. - Ephesians 6:2
    My big question is how does this site differentiate, or distinguish from such larger sites as Vermont Teddy bears? That`s going to be a heavy competitor, with their national marketing on radio and all. What would you say to me, for example, to convince me to buy a bear from you as opposed to them?
    To convince the buyer to buy I would add that Our Custom Bears (or other plush item/mascot) are a great Fundraiser, Reward, Donation Gift, etc. They also help build your brand in the Community The entire collection with quotes can be found here: ... pressions/</A>BearySpecial2006-11-20 17:38:26
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    Thanks Kathy
    The tab on the left that is hard to read was made for me and I did not want to remove or edit it.  This is why I added online gallery to the top.
    The banner could be updated.
    Thanks to all.
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