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stick to one thing or go for it all?

JTrotmanJTrotman subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Selecting a Business
This if my first post here -- I joined a few weeks ago and so far this has been a great source of information and motivation. 
Over the past few years I have been doing a fair amount of independent contractor work as a writer, photographer, and tutor.  Now, I work full time as a photographer for a small magazine and would like to expand some of my other interests and skills for a small based business, with long term growth that will eventually lead to working for myself -- years down the line.  There are a few things I am good at doing and/or in the process of learning. 1) I am a great vegan cook, and have the opportunity to participate in local farmer`s markets, which I`d like to expand upon, but I get totally LOST in the process to which to make the expansion possible with regulations involving food production.
 2) I`m working on getting my LEED certification, which I`d like to take and begin a business a a few years to turn people`s homes into green homes, over see renovations even. 
3) I love designing stationary and cards.  This is small scale, easy to do so pursuing this doesn`t seem difficult, other than finding enough time in the day to make it happen.
What makes me excited about these ideas is that they all enrich my freelance writing opportunities, and allow me to continue tutoring (which I really enjoy).
I guess my questions are...     Any advice on how to deal with getting the information about food based businesses? I get the run around when I call the city and ask for info.
AND...  I understand that in general the odds are against a small business start up.  Does it make sense to have a few ideas in progress to see what pans out or focus really hard on one thing? 
Thanks for reading -- I appreicate your thoughts!


  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    one at a time, slow and steady, then parlay and apply what you know works from experience. the shot gun approach is great ....but do take time to research, plan, execute, monitor and enhance. once you know what works you can duplicate the process as many times as you want. i did it and its paying wonders : )
    good luck
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