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Do You Plan on Growing?

JessicaJessica subscriber Posts: 1
We`ve had lots of debate here at StartupNation about whether sole proprietors and/or microbiz owners really want to "grow" their businesses, or if the whole point of being your own boss for many of you is to keep your business just the size it is, so you can maintain some work/life balance. 
I`d love to hear what your plan is if you are a sole proprietor or someone with 1-2 employees - do you want to expand into new product lines, add employees, maybe move out of your home (if you`re home-based) into an office space or retail storefront someday?  Or is the size of your business just perfect the way it is??


  • AccentVAAccentVA subscriber Posts: 0
    I, too, don`t want to work outside my house.  I would like to eventually build myself a little office outside of my home, but on my land (have hubby do it of course - not me) but I don`t want to commute.  I live out in the country and just want to stay home! 
    Eventually, I might consider hiring my niece to be my partner, but she would work from her home and I would work from mine.  But that would be the extent of my growth.
  • BusinessMentorsBusinessMentors subscriber Posts: 1
    Good question Jessica,
    we are a virtual mentoring community so for now my intention is to stay working online as that was the point, to offer mentoring services that were accesible via online means.
    What I would like to do is to partner with more virtual business owners to offer a variety of business start up services to our program such as business development coaching, virtual assistance, Marketing consulting, conflict management coaches etc..
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