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Seeking SEO and exposure Strategy, as well as general criticisms

PunditPPunditP subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2009 in Website Critique
My website is PunditPolitics.com
The concept is to promote factual discussion of hot political issues - i.e. focus on the facts of the issues rather than the positions of individuals. Our objective is promote a more informed general public, which we attempt to do through our various `Political IQ` knowledge tests, statistics, and our blog commentary (which has only just gotten underway).
When visitors arrive at the site they really do seem to enjoy the testing etc, often taking multiple tests, but the path to public exposure seems daunting. I know sites like politicalcompass.org have had millions of tests taken and I feel like my product is similarly interesting and could be successful, but I`m really new to SEO and I`m not sure how to best spend my time at it. Should I focus on getting blogroll links primarily or is it better to make sure my keywords are maximally optimized?
Is hiring an expert worthwhile?
Anyway, any commentary would be appreciated, thanks.
- Jesse Smith


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    PunditPPunditP subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the insight. I feel the same way, but its good to hear it from an outside source even if perhaps angling for a job.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    I agree with Jesse... a strong use and presence on social media sites would help.
    A couple of SEO points:
    You do not need to have your domain name in the title tag of your. It is a waste of valuable SEO space. Also, the title tag for your different posts is "posts" it should be the title of the post itself.
    I`m not a big fan of google ads plopped in the middle of a menu as you have in your left column.
    If you can put the scripting for your menu into an external script, that would be better for search engine bots.
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